Article Date: 12/1/2002

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Smart Look: The Perfect Image

Patients can see themselves in new frame designs and cosmetic lenses.
Gregg Ossip, O.D.

An estimated one third of eyeglass wearers can't view themselves without their prescription glasses. Fortunately, we now have a tool that enables patients to see their frame choices. The Smart Look by American Bright Signs Inc. is designed in a new freestanding unit that fits easily into your dispensary, no matter how large or small. Here's how the Smart Look can benefit your patients and your practice.

The sleek and stylish Smart Look

Improving the selection process

Our opticians spend hours every day educating our patients on the cosmetic and visual benefits of new lens designs. They spend a good portion of the rest of their time trying to get patients to commit to the most important fashion item that they wear -- and you know how difficult that is when a patient can't see the frames he's trying on without wearing his prescription pair.

This is where the Smart Look fits in because with it, patients can keep wearing their corrective lenses or glasses while viewing other styles or colors on a computer monitor. Here's what the Smart Look has to offer your patients:

Frame selection. The Smart Look displays four pictures of your patient in up to four frames at a time. The patient can enlarge each picture to full screen view.

Prescription lens selection and comparison. The device records a patient's prescription, providing him with lens thickness and weight comparisons, as well as lens benefits and features. This option include lens material and lens properties.

Coating simulations. The Smart Look simulates a patient's frame and lens selection with and without anti-reflective coating. It also simulates both activated and non-activated photochromic and polarized lenses, emphasizing the visual comfort these treatments provide. The Smart Look can also simulate solid and gradient tints.

Cosmetic lenses. A patient can view himself in up to six colored contact lenses at a time without trying them on. The Smart Look mixes the patient's iris color with that of the lens to show the true final effect. The patient can enlarge each option to full screen view.

Understanding the technology

The Smart Look plugs right into the wall and can run 24 hours a day, creating a visual attraction as people walk by your office. It incorporates a camera and lighting system with an easy-to-use, high resolution touch-screen computer.

You can hook the Smart Look up to a printer and print a patient's top frame or contact lens options and he can take them home to get his friends' and relatives' advice. You can even include the name of your practice and the phone number on these photos -- the marketing value for referral is incredible.

The Smart Look comes with a marketing kit consisting of posters and brochures detailing the benefits of the device. Attention-getting flyers and postcards are also included.

Don't miss out

The Smart Look is a fine addition to the field of virtual dispensing. These devices help your staff reinforce your lens designs, options and fashion recommendations, and your patients will develop more confidence in you when you recommend options to enhance their comfort and appearance. The Smart Look will also create a high-tech image for your office.

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Optometric Management, Issue: December 2002