Article Date: 3/1/2003

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For Your Patients And Practice

The Boomerang's height range makes it accessible to virtually anyone.

Rota's Boomerang
Rota Systems Inc. presents a new diagnostic workstation, the Boomerang, which allows greater freedom of movement for both the patient and you. The Boomerang offers a height variance from 24 to 47 inches. A touch of the control panel causes the quiet, hydraulic base to adjust in seconds. Rota says that it's the first pretest table that allows for standing testing; its accessibility has won it the American disability tax credit.

Rota Systems Inc.
Phone: (800) 835-PRETEST

TheraTears's gel and supplement combat dry eye.

Two new TheraTears
Advanced Vision Research introduces new products for the treatment of dry eye. TheraTears Liquid Gel is a preservative-free, electrolyte-balanced lubricant gel for nighttime use, or for patients who need a longer-lasting protective film during the day. According to the company, TheraTears Liquid Gel avoids the crusting and blurring sometimes associated with other brands.

TheraTears Nutrition for Dry Eye is a nutritional supplement. The softgel capsule contains eicosapentaen-oic acid and docosahexanoic- enriched flaxseed oil fortified with Vitamin E. The company says that it reduces ocular surface inflammation, improves oil layer quality and increases aqueous tear quantity, providing the foundation for all dry eye treatment approaches.

Advanced Vision Research
Phone: (800) 979-8327

The Heritage Collection mixes modern and traditional details.

For the dispensary
Eye Designs, LLC, presents the Heritage furniture collection. Heritage combines modern flair with customary details to create an atmosphere of elegance for your practice, the company says. The collection features halogen lighting and the flexibility of modular base cabinets.

Eye Designs, LLC
Phone: (800) 346-8890


The Screw Wizard safely trims jagged frame and hinge screws.

The Wizard
Breitfeld & Schliekert presents the Screw Wizard, a tool designed to file a screw safely and precisely. The diamond wheel bit mounted on a high-speed hand drill eliminates the problem of jagged screw ends and saves time, says the company. A plastic cap guards the diamond wheel to prevent damage to the spectacle lens or frame. According to company literature, the cut the Screw Wizard makes is so smooth that the newly filed screw will accommodate the cap nuts of most manufacturers. Breitfeld & Schliekert is offering a five-percent discount on online orders.

Breitfeld & Schliekert
Phone: (888) 429-5779

Acuvue's new powers
Vistakon, a division of Johnson & Johnson, offers expanded sphere powers for its Acuvue 2 Colours cosmetic contact lens starting this month. The expansion extends the power range from +6.00D to -9.00D and includes +0.25D and -0.25D powers in all four opaque colors (blue, green, gray and honey), as well as three enhancer colors (blue, green and aqua).

Phone: (800) 876-4596


Optometric Management, Issue: March 2003