Article Date: 4/1/2003

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Stereo Optical's Optec 500

Vision tester for children

Stereo Optical Company presents the Optec 500 Vision Tester, designed for screening children as young as three years. The portable, lightweight Optec 500 is remote controlled and requires only one person to perform the test. Testing is accomplished with multiple levels of HOTV acuities; the child can answer verbally or play a matching game with a demonstration card (included). Monocular occluder glasses and +1.75 and +2.25 hyperopia glasses are also included. Lighting is constant for accurate, repeatable testing results.

Stereo Optical Company Inc.
Phone: (773) 777-2869, (800) 344-9500
Fax: (773) 777-4985

Newer and better occluder

Gulden Ophthalmics announces the new Speilmann Occluder, its latest in a series of high-quality, low-cost tools for the eyecare industry. The Occluder allows observation of the occluded eye during cover testing, which is helpful in the examination of patients with dissociated vertical or horizontal strabismus. The device's handle is made of strong, molded lightweight ABS plastic, with an easily cleaned gloss finish. The occluder portion is made of frosted acrylic.

Gulden Ophthalmics
Phone: (800) 659-2250

Hoya's AR coating

Hoya Vision Care launches a new anti-reflection (AR) coating system. The company says that Super HiVision AR coating gives plastic lenses triple the scratch resistance of conventional AR coating, making them as resistant as glass lenses. Additionally, the coating improves impact resistance. Super HiVision is a multi-layered system of coating applied to both sides of the lens: The base is a hardcoat, followed by the AR coating, then finished with View Protect, a hydrophobic coating that helps lenses resist dirt, oil, fingerprints and other smudges.

Currently, Hoya offers Super HiVision coating on 1.70 EYRY and 1.71 TESLALID lenses. It will be available for the company's full product line this spring.

Hoya Vision Care
Phone: (203) 790-0171

Nidek's MP-1 combines perimetry and fundus imaging.

Nidek's multi-tasker

After receiving Food and Drug Administration approval in February, Nidek is beginning to market and install its MP-1 MicroPerimeter this spring. The MP-1 combines perimetry and fundus imaging in one instrument to allow complete and accurate automatic assessment of macular/retinal functions, the company says. It also provides computerized microperimetry; 45-degree non-mydriatic digital fundus photograph; high-speed, online image tracking; quantitative assessment of fixation; mapping of scotoma; selectable and fully automated examinations with selected target strategies based on Goldmann targets, operator-defined targets or bitmaps.

Nidek Technologies America
Phone: (888) 382-5064


Noves eyewear, by Eschenbach

Ultra-thin spectacle magnifier

Eschenbach introduces Noves eyewear, an ophthalmic lens based on multi-order diffraction (MOD). According to the company, Noves offers low-vision users between 12 and 20 diopters of power from an MOD hybrid lens with a thickness of no more than 5 mm.

The lenses are constructed from two optical elements that comprise a microscopic lens. The front element consists of a front surface with a modest aspheric curve and a rear surface with a multi-order diffractive structure for magnifying power; the second element consists of a front surface with a first-order diffractive surface for color correction and a plano rear surface. The two elements are fastened together so that the diffractive structures of each face the other, preventing the user from damaging the structures.

Eschenbach Optik of America
Phone: (800) 487-5389


The Jaguar is CIBA's newest addition to its WildEyes line.

Ciba unleashes the Jaguar

Ciba Vision presents the newest addition to its WildEyes cosmetic contact lenses. The Jaguar features a narrow black slit surrounded by a shiny metallic teal-blue color. Like other WildEyes lenses, the Jaguar is recommended for yearly replacement. It's available in an 8.6-mm base curve and powers ranging from plano to -6 D in steps of 0.25 D.

CIBA Vision
Phone: (800) 241-5999



Optometric Management, Issue: April 2003