Article Date: 5/1/2003

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Fitovers' floor display comes in an oak finish.

Fitovers' custom display
Fitovers Eyewear presents a new 16-piece revolving display designed to highlight its fitover style sunwear in the optical shop setting. The display is set on a revolving base to provide maximum exposure with minimal space requirements and is available as a counter or floor stand; the floor stand version incorporates a lockable storage cupboard at its base. Graphics detail the fitover concept of sunwear for prescription eyeglass wearers. The display comes in a light oak finish; it's available free of charge to fitovers retailers with minimum purchase.

Fitovers Eyewear
Phone: (888) 834-8872
Fax: (800) 416-4887

GP for the presbyope
X-Cel Contacts and Blanchard Contact Lens present the ESSential Solution gas permeable (GP) contact lens for presbyopes. The lens combines Blanchard's "S-Form" technology for the aspheric multifocal posterior surface with X-Cel's Solution Bifocal for the anterior surface design. The result is a segmented aspheric multifocal GP lens with full range vision correction, the companies say. The ESSential is manufactured with Boston XO material for high oxygen transmissability and comfort. It's available in base curves of 7.10 mm to 8.20 mm in 10-mm increments; +6.00D to -10.00D in 0.25D increments, diameters of 9.0 mm, 9.3 mm and 9.6 mm; Add correction of 0.75D to 3.50D in 0.25D increments and prism ballast of minimum, medium and maximum at 90 degrees ± 20 degrees.

Blanchard Contact Lens Inc.
Phone: (800) 367-4009

X-Cel Contacts
Phone: (800) 241-9312

Prio's Shazam! CE


Prio Corporation presents the Shazam! CE handheld lens calculator, which helps you calculate the best near variable focal lens for patients who are heavy computer users. The Shazam! CE is based on distance prescription and reading add. The device is also available in a software format for the Windows platform and can be downloaded free of charge from the company's Web site.

Prio Corporation
Phone: (800) 621-1098

Eye Designs' furniture:
A new look to rejuvenate an optical shop.

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Eye Designs LLC presented its Viewpoint furniture collection for the optical shop. The company describes it as being a comprehensive collection of modular, semi-custom displays and furniture. Viewpoint includes multiple styles in both modern and traditional designs.

Eye Designs LLC
Phone: (800) 346-8890

Teflon comes to lenses
Sola International recently made its Teflon EasyCare Coating available on Sola and AO Transitions lenses in hard resin and polycarbonate. The company says that the combination of the EasyCare coating with Transitions's photochromics and anti-reflective coatings is beneficial to both eyecare providers and eyeglass wearers. The EasyCare's easy-to-clean and highly scratch-resistant surface removes the problems patients often associate with traditional AR coating, eliminating a disincentive in the premium lens category.

Sola International
Phone: (866) 3TEFLON


Optometric Management, Issue: May 2003