Article Date: 6/1/2003

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Topcon's BV-1000 gets the patient involved.

Put the patient in charge
Topcon Medical Systems recently introduced what it claims is the world's first patient-assisted "intelligent" refraction system. Its BV-1000 puts the patient in charge of the refractive process with voice prompts and interactive touch-screen displays. The device includes an objective simultaneous binocular auto-refractor, auto keratometry, an automatic chart projector and electronic documentation and display of all necessary refraction data. An 8"x 11" prescription printout prevents transcription errors and allows the doctor to retain it for patient record keeping or data export.

Topcon Medical Systems Inc.
Phone: (800) 223-1130

B&S's redesigned pupilometer
Breitfeld & Schliekert introduces a more user-friendly version of its pupilometer this month. The new and improved device provides precise optic measurement and is ergonomically designed to fit the curvature of the doctor's hand, making it easier to hold and take measurements with. A curve to match the curve of patients' foreheads not only results in more accurate measurements, but also in greater patient comfort. The company is offering a special introductory price.

Breitfeld & Schliekert Optical Tools
Phone: (888) 429-5779

The Accura Cx offers new features.

Briot goes 5-D
Briot U.S.A. released the Accura Cx with new "5-D" tracing technology, as well as the ability to process even smaller lenses. 5-D tracing and edging technology transcends traditional 3-D to record five frame measurements including size, shape, curvature, thickness and frame bevel angle to provide an accurate lens fit inside the frame.

Additionally, the Accura Cx now has the ability to trace and edge lenses as small as 17.75 mm "B" rimless to accommodate the demand for smaller eyeglasses, the company says. The Accura Cx completes all finishing steps in one unit. Briot claims that it can complete most jobs in about four minutes and can multi-task, tracing a frame while the previous lens job is edging.

Briot U.S.A.
Phone: (800) 292-7468, extension 2
Fax: (413) 431-1999

The Olympia helps low vision patients do more for themselves.

Telesensory's low-vision aid
Telesensory presented a portable, light-weight magnification system for low vision patients. The Olympia enlarges reading material, checks, menus, prescriptions and food labels, etc., up to 26 times and features a tilted screen for comfortable viewing, glare reduction and adjustable brightness. It also offers a wide screen viewing option.

Users can view information in three modes: Full color, negative mode with white letters on black background for high contrast and positive mode with black letters on white background for maximum clarity. The system connects to a television screen, increasing magnification up to 76 times.

Telesensory's Olympia comes with a folding writing stand that provides 4.75 inches of clearance for paperwork, a carrying case and a battery pack; a car adapter is optional.

Phone: (800) 804-8004


Optometric Management, Issue: June 2003