Article Date: 7/1/2003

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Higher Dk multifocal
Unilens released a higher-water version of its C-VUE disposable multifocal contact lens for patients who require a more oxygen-permeable material than polymacon.

The C-VUE 55 is lathed in methafilcon A, vial packaged and available as a semi-annual or quarterly replacement lens. Unilens says that practitioners can use their existing C-VUE trial set to prescribe and order the C-VUE 55.

Unilens Corp.
Phone: (880) 446-2020

Tantium SR coating provides new durability to polycarbonate lenses.

Optima's SR coating
Optima Inc. claims to have overcome the poor scratch resistance of polycarbonate lenses with its new Tantium SR coating for Resolution lenses. Optima reports that the Colts Laboratory gave Resolution Tantium SR lenses a 5.43 rating, one of the highest in the industry.

Tantium SR is compatible with other anti-reflective coatings and the new lenses are available in the full extended range.

Optima Inc.
Phone: (800) 621-1216


According to the companies, Eclips with Flexon will fit virtually any frame.

Marchon, Eclips license
Eclips will manufacture and distribute clip-on sunglasses made with Flexon memory metal, according to the terms of a recent license agreement between Marchon and Eclips. Memory metal eyewear products use a titanium-based alloy in the bridge and temple pieces, giving them the ability to "remember" and return to their original shape.

Marchon says that its Flexon brand memory metal is 10 times springier than frames made with spring steel, and 25% lighter than conventional metals. It's also corrosion resistant, allergy free and fatigue resistant. The rimless clip-on is available in 17 colors and a variety of lens shapes.

Marchon Eyewear Inc.
(631) 755-2020

Choose your tint
Essilor now offers its Varilux Panamic Polarized sunglasses in a brown tint in addition to its grey option. The model utilizes Younger Optics's NuPolar polarized technology. It's available in a 1.50 index plastic and also with Crizal, the company's anti-reflective coating. Parameters for the Varilux Panamic Polarized are +6.00D to ­9.00D, ­4.00 cylinder and +1.0 to +3.0 add (in 0.25 steps). Base curves are 2.00, 3.50, 5.00, 6.00 and 7.24; diameter is 75/80 mm.

Essilor of America Inc.
Phone: (800) Essilor

Carl Zeiss Optical's new sunglass option, the Gradal Top 1.59 Poly Polarized Gray, in time for summer

Zeiss' new shades
Carl Zeiss Optical Inc. introduces the Gradal Top 1.59 Poly Polarized Gray. The sunglass lens combines progressive Gradal Top lens design with Younger Optics's latest NuPolar polarized technology.

The company says that compared with standard sunglasses, the Gradal Top 1.59 Poly Polarized dramatically reduces sun glare and increases depth and color perception. It features a built-in, 85% grey polarizing filter and 100% ultraviolet protection. It's also lightweight and impact resistant. The range for the model is sphere +3.25D to -6.00D, cylinder to -4.00D and additions 1.00D to 3.00D.

Carl Zeiss Optical Inc.
Phone: (804) 530-8315



Optometric Management, Issue: July 2003