Article Date: 8/1/2003

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Hilco's displays come in countertop and floor designs.

Stylish organizers
Hilco presents new floor and countertop displays that combine contemporary style with organized presentation. Both the compact, rotating counter display and the two-sided floor display feature consistent packaging graphics and attractive metal and frosted glass construction. Purchase them empty so you can present your own choice of products, or fully stocked with a preselected assortment of Hilco's best-selling new merchandise.

Phone: (800) 955-6544

Wavefront lensmeter
Marco announces the release of its newest addition to the line of diagnostics in lensmeters, the Spectrum 2. The device uses wavefront technology to analyze and measure all types of spectacles with a patented method that eliminates panascopic tilt. The company says that the Spectrum 2 is the only diagnostic lensmeter that clients can update free of charge.

Marco Technologies
Phone: (800) 874-5274

CooperVision's add eliminates refitting later.

Power to presbyopes
CooperVision announces the addition of a +1.00 add to the power range of its Frequency 55 Multifocal contact lens.

The company says that the true test of a multifocal is its ability to provide successful accommodative vision throughout the full presbyopic range; the addition of the new +1.00 add means that the Frequency 55 is suitable for new presbyopes. Thus, it's less likely patients will require refitting as they later require increased add power.

CooperVision Inc.
Phone: (800) 538-7850

Nteon offers a time-saver
Nteon introduces the EyeCor Suite, a three-part system that promises to save eyecare professionals time. The three software tools include the Contacts Resource, the Code Finder and the Ophthalmic Reference.

The Contacts Resource is a contact lens reference containing more than 800,000 lenses in its database. Doctors can find any lens in just seconds, the company says. The Code Finder allows the doctor to find all ICD-9 and CPT codes through three search methods: eye segment, key word or partial code.

The Ophthalmic Reference details each of the Food and Drug Administration's four contact lens groups, including which materials are in the group and the water content of each material. The Ophthalmic Reference also features a diopter-to-mm conversion tool.

Nteon Software
Phone: (888) 866-LENS

Zeiss's Cool Blue coating isn't just for sunglasses anymore.

New lenses go blue
Carl Zeiss Optical says that its popular Cool Blue coating is approved for use with three additional lenses. Clear, tinted and photochromic (Transitions only) CR39 plastic lenses are now available with the mirrored coating -- when a Super ET anti-reflective coating is applied to the lens's backside. Cool Blue was previously available for dark sunglass lenses only.

Carl Zeiss Optical Inc.
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Fax: (804) 530-8315


Optometric Management, Issue: August 2003