Article Date: 11/1/2003

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The "Xtra" is for greater ease of handling and durability, Hydrogel Vision Corp says.

A more durable disposable
Hydrogel Vision Corp.'s new Extreme H20 G-60 S-Xtra two-week disposable contact lens is designed for the patient seeking greater ease of handling and durability, the company says. A slightly thicker version of the Extreme H2O G-60 S, the new lens is made with the patented GMA hioxifilcon material that retains 99% of its original water content after 12 hours of wear.

The Xtra is sold in boxes of six blister packs. Its parameters are: 14.2 diameter, median (8.6 mm) base curve, with powers from ­0.25 to ­8.00 and center thickness is 0.14 mm at ­3.00. You can obtain free 45-lens diagnostic sets of the Xtra directly through Hydrogel or through any authorized Extreme H2O distributor.

Hydrogel Vision Corp.
Phone: (877) 336-2482


Haag-Streit's new pachymeter uses optical low coherence reflectometry technology.

Newly-approved pachymeter
Haag-Streit's new OLCR Pachymeter uses optical low coherence reflectometry technology to make highly accurate and reproducible measurements of plus or minus 1 µm of corneal thickness, the company says. The measuring head of the OLCR emits two red LED-aiming beams that converge at the point of focus of an invisible OLCR beam. Audible signals guide the operator to move the slit lamp back and forth until the two beams merge. When the system is focused, the OLCR automatically records corneal thickness and displays the results on the control panel.

A "Tonofit" feature for glaucoma applications allows the operator to enter a previously measured tonometry reading, then provides a corrected IOP according the the newly determined corneal thickness. Training requires only a few minutes, Haag-Streit says. The OLCR is noncontact and eliminates the need for dilation. You can mount it to any existing Haag-Streit slit lamp, as well as to lamps that accept the C/M-type Goldmann Tonometer.

Haag-Streit USA Inc.
Phone: (800) 787-5426


The Dry Eye Management Kit includes tools and an instructional video.

This dry eye kit travels
Odyssey Medical offers eyecare practitioners a portable Dry Eye Management Kit, which includes two pairs of Odyssey Parasol diagnostic strips, one box of Zone Quick Diagnostic Threads, one box of BioGlo Diagnostic Fluorescein Strips, one box of .3 mm Temporary Collagen Implants, an instructional video and marketing materials. Odyssey is offering the Dry Eye Management Kit for an introductory price of $300.

Odyssey Medical
Phone: (888) 905-7770

A dispensing mirror that sells
Interactive Visual System and U.S. distributor Walman Optical introduce the Swing visual dispensing mirror. Swing's features include a plug and play video mirror, a video frame selector, lens simulation (including anti-reflective coating, thickness, polarized, tints and photochromics), a realistic color contact simulator and a virtual frame advisor. The advanced version of the Swing also offers the ability to e-mail patients their images.

Interactive Visual System
Phone: (866) 422-8484


Optometric Management, Issue: November 2003