Article Date: 2/1/2004

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Hilco's drill system offers perfect alignment.

Drill system for rimless lenses
Hilco's Lens Drilling System is designed to drill and notch rimless lenses for three-piece mountings. One lens is marked for hole/notch placement, the company says; the measurements are then transferred to the opposite lens to achieve perfect hardware alignment. Systems are available for the most popular blocks on the market.

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Carl Zeiss goes robotic
The Automated Freeform Polisher (AFP), made by Carl Zeiss Optical, is a self-contained, automated robotic system that performs several steps during the lens production process, including polishing, cleaning and handling (laser engraving is optional). The AFP can polish traditional prescription-back surfaces and can manufacture high-quality progressive and individual freeform front surfaces. It can work either as a stand-alone polishing system or as part of the Zeiss FSS Freeform Surfacing System. Zeiss says that the AFP "virtually eliminates" the need for production personnel and has an output of approximately 50 lenses per hour.

Carl Zeiss Optical Inc.
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Accutome offers special
Accutome introduces the Pach IV, a compact and lightweight pachymeter that features a straight or angled probe, a range of 300 µm to 999 µm and an accuracy of +/­ 1 µm. It has adjustable speed of sound to accommodate velocities from 1,000 meters to 2,000 meters per second, a bright LCD and an audible tone definition.

The Pach IV also offers foot pedal control or a continuous read option. Accumtome will provide a credit of $300 for the purchase of Accutome brand diagnostic dyes, mydriatics, cycloplegics and therapeutic drops with the purchase of the Pach IV.

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Optos upgrades software
Optos announced the Optos V_Application Software, the next generation of software for its Panoramic200 retinal imaging system. According to the company, the upgrade includes new and enhanced doctor review capabilities, more efficient image capture and additional HIPAA compliance flexibility. The improved storage application allows for faster and more efficient archiving of patient database and image files with a simplified interface. The new scheduler application manages patient records and appointments from any networked computer in the practice to eliminate multiple patient data entry of details and to facilitate patient flow.

Optos North America
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The Pachmate DGH 55 fits into a lab coat or shirt pocket.

DGH scores a first
DGH hails its Pachmate DGH 55 as the first true one-handed pachymeter. At only 3.6 oz. and 6.9" long, it's also one of the smallest and lightest, fitting into a lab coat or shirt pocket. The Pachmate was designed to assist in glaucoma screening and provides fast, accurate and reliable corneal thickness measurements, according to DGH; a scrollable LCD display shows an average and standard deviation of 25 measurements in approximately two seconds.

The unit switches automatically from OD to OS so you can also measure the fellow eye. You can set an adjustable probe at 15-degree increments, then remove it for cleaning or replacement, or fold it away for storage. The Pachmate runs on two AAA batteries.

DGH Technology
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Optometric Management, Issue: February 2004