Article Date: 2/1/2004

Insider's Perspective
An Opportunity Suited to O.D.s

Thomas R. Kroll, O.D., Henderson, Nev. 

Wavefront-guided LASIK surgery is a wonderful option for many patients, particularly those with corneal injuries. The surgery can be used to treat larger optical zones, larger pupils and night glare. Also, its eye-tracking system is excellent for patients who are worried about the effects of eye movements during the procedure.

I see this new technology offering a "golden window" for O.D.s: Treating patients who've already had LASIK and aren't satisfied with the results. For example, high myopes sometimes aren't enthusiastic about their laser correction, and this new technology will help them tremendously.

With time, CustomCornea LASIK surgery inevitably will offer more and more possibilities. By staying on top of new developments, we can gain some major opportunities, both for optimal patient care and for our practices.

Dr. Kroll is in private practice.


Optometric Management, Issue: February 2004