Article Date: 2/1/2004

Insider's Perspective
A Focus on Vision Quality

D. Michael Ostrick, O.D., New Orleans

Although traditional LASIK is very good, custom LASIK produces less postoperative spherical aberration and a higher quality of vision. Patients who have custom LASIK seldom complain of glare at night.

Wavefront-guided LASIK is the right choice for patients with large pupils and higher-order aberrations. I recommend it for all patients who are candidates. When we discuss this option, patients are interested because they always want the newest technology ("the latest thing").

In the future, I'm looking forward to improvements in the quantity and quality of vision as the algorithms are improved. In our practice, we're currently in phase III clinical trials, treating hyperopic astigmatism with LADARVision CustomCornea.

Dr. Ostrick is the clinic director of Brint Custom Vision in New Orleans.




Optometric Management, Issue: February 2004