Article Date: 3/1/2004

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In Briot's Axcell CL-D, edging and drilling are performed in one machine.

Edger with built-in rimless drill
Briot USA says that its new Axcell CL-D is the only complete in-office edging system that has a built in rimless lens drill. Because there's no need to remove the lens between steps, rimless processing is fast and easy -- edging and drilling a rimless job takes approximately 10 minutes, the company says. The Axcell CL-D automatically identifies the exact placement of up to 10 holes or slots and displays an image of the lens showing where the holes will be drilled on its LCD screen for verification, allowing the operator to make adjustments before drilling. System software automatically communicates drill job information to the edger. Every step of the finishing process is automated.

Briot says that the Axcell CL-D traces frames in 5-D, centers without a lensmeter, blocks automatically, edges all lens materials, grooves rimless, safety bevels, polishes and drills rimless lenses -- all at the touch of a screen button.

Briot USA
Phone: (800) 292-7468 x2


New and improved
Stereo Optical Inc. says that its new line of Vision Testers will maintain all of the testing features that eyecare practitioners require for accurate vision testing while improving the design features that complement contemporary offices. New features include a "first of its kind" homogenous illumination system and "state of the art" electronics. They're included in all of the new Optec Vision Testers, including the Optec 5000 Manual Control, the Optec 5500 Remote Control and the Optec 6500 with day/night, glare and contrast sensitivity testing capabilities.

Stereo Optical Company Inc.
Phone: (800) 344-9500


The LessStress II eliminates drilling errors and lens waste, the company claims.106

Drill with less stress
Santinelli International recently launched the LessStress II drilling system. The new model features a new lens mounting system designed for use with blocked lenses, which are mounted and secured in one step. The new system assures that the lens remains on axis with no manual adjustment needed, eliminating drilling errors and lens waste, the company says.

As with the original LessStress model, opti/electronic encoders display the coordinates on a digital readout in 0.05-mm increments and the drill head tilts for a 90º angle to any lens base curve. Santinelli offers an extensive selection of frame coordinates on its Web site; alternately, the color-coded, graphed stage background simplifies centering a demo lens for coordinate duplication.

Santinelli International
Phone: (800) 644-3343 x327


A protective case comes with each pair of Oval SolarShields.

Smaller, hipper sun shield
Eschenbach and Dioptics Medical Products present the Oval-shaped SolarShield, a new line of absorptive filters in a smaller, modern style. Like the other SolarShield products, the contrast-enhancing, glare-reducing Oval line lenses are available in four tints (yellow, orange, amber and grey) that block 100% of UVA and UVB light. The tortoise frame offers top and side shields to provide more protection than traditional sunglasses; Bend-to-Fit temples allow eyecare practitioners to give their patients a custom fit. The companies say that Oval line is ideal for patients with smaller facial features, as well as those who prefer an oval shape.

Dioptics Medical Products
Phone: (800) 487-5389


DKNY describes its collection as "fashion forward."

DKNYEyes offers 24 styles of sun wear for its spring 2004 collection, inspired, the company says, by New York City. Designs include cat eye, rectangular and oversized round shapes, as well as eight-base wrap styles for men. Lenses come in a variety of gradient finishes or graduated colors.

Phone: (800) 645-1300



Both finished and semi-finished Claret 1.67 AS lenses come with a double hard coating.

Looks plus comfort
Carl Zeiss Optical introduced the latest in the Claret line, the Claret 1.67 AS. It's a single-vision lens made from high-index material with an aspheric surface to improve the lens's cosmetic appearance by significantly decreasing its center and edge thickness -- the 1.67 AS lenses are 35% thinner and 30% lighter than CR39, the company says.

The lenses are available in both finished and semi-finished. Finished come in a range of sphere +4.00D and -8.00D and cylinder out to -2.00D. The range for semi-finished is sphere +8.00D to -10.00D and cylinder out to -4.00D.

Carl Zeiss Optical Inc.
Phone: (800) 338-2984


Nautica's Spring 2004 line features 14 new styles.

Conjuring up the tropics
Nautica introduces 14 new styles to its spring 2004 collection of eye wear. The five plastic and nine metal designs are fully polarized, available in multiple colors and each is named for a tropical destination. The San Juan and Miami styles are easily "Rx-able," the company says. Marchon exclusively distributes Nautica Eyewear.

Nautica Eyewear
Phone: (800) 645-1300



Calvin Klein's new designs combine "soft-sculpted contours with hard-line fluidity."

Three from Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein's latest collection of sunwear features the designer's trademark subtle designs. Style 386S is a semi-rimless aviator design with flash mirror lenses. Style 766S is a unisex design with plastic, rectangular frames and flash mirror lenses. Style 769S is a pilot design for men, featuring oversized lenses available with both gradient and flash mirror finishes. All styles are offered in a variety of colors.

Calvin Klein Eyewear
Phone: (800) 645-1300



Fendi's men's line is offered in silver, red and brown.

For men only
Fendi Occhiali describes its new men's optical collection as "tailored, barely-there" styles that represent a "casual approach to classic . . ." The line features four metal-rimmed and semi-rimless frames. Zyl temples are metal trimmed.

Fendi Occhiali
Phone: (800) 645-1300




Optometric Management, Issue: March 2004