Article Date: 4/1/2004

Contact Lens Solutions Update
Manufacturers attempt to fulfill patients' wish lists with their latest offerings.
BY RENÉ LUTHE, Senior Associate Editor

Innovations in the field of contact lens solutions kept coming over the past year, as manufacturers sought to address contact lens wearers' biggest concern: comfort. So what did they do about it? Read on.

Check out the latest

Here are their most recent contact lens offerings.

► The proprietary cleaning system in Alcon's Opti-Free Express Lasting Comfort No Rub Formula emulsifies lipids, dirt, removes protein from lenses and helps shield against future surface buildup under even the most extreme conditions. It surpasses the FDA's criteria for stand-alone disinfection, Alcon says; Opti-Free is the only multi-purpose solution to have FDA approval to claim that it provides "comfort that lasts all day" on its label. It is also approved for use with silicone hydrogel lenses.

► Released in the third quarter of 2003, Advanced Medical Optics' (AMO's) Complete MoisturePlus contains ingredients used to fight dry eye symptoms in artificial tears. The FDA classifies the two ingredients in the dual lubricant formulation (propylene glycol and hydroxypropyl methycellulose) as demulcents, which combat the dryness and irritation contact lens wearers often experience. Complete MoisturePlus also contains the buffering agent taurine, which, AMO says, no other solution contains.

► Bausch & Lomb is planning a relaunch of its ReNu multipurpose solution later this year. What can you and their contact lens patients expect?

"The latest trend within the multipurpose solution category revolves around extended comfort claims," Jeff Nardoci, Bausch & Lomb vice president of marketing for contact lenses and over-the-counter products, said. "We intend to globally launch our next innovation within the multipurpose segment. The product will be comparable if not superior to the existing comfort claims currently available on the market."

► The Lifestyle Company Inc.'s PuriLens Plus Lens Disinfecting and Cleaning System uses patented ultraviolet and subsonic technologies to clean lenses without chemicals or rubbing. The company says that it's clinically proven effective for all soft contact lenses, including disposables.

The Lifestyle Company says that use of the Purilens system reduces a patient's annual solutions cost by 45% when compared with no-rub multipurpose and hydrogen peroxide solutions.

► Lobob offers three formulations for GP contact lenses in its Optimum system: the Extra Strength Cleanser (XSC); the Cleaning, Disinfecting and Storage solution (CDS); and the Wetting/Rewetting drop (WRW). The XSC contains no abrasives or preservatives and is safe to use with all GP polymers. The CDS and WRW contain the preservative purified benzyl alcohol, which has no history of allergic reaction, the company says.

Try something new

Improve your contact lens patients' comfort. Consider one of these newer products and reap their benefits.


Optometric Management, Issue: April 2004