Article Date: 4/1/2004

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For Your Patients and Practice

The Optistyle teaches patients about AR coatings, polarizing and progressive lenses.

Making marketing easier
Medeor Systems recently launched Optistyle Lifestyle Dispensing, which combines touchscreen technology with interactive patient lifestyle interview software that automatically selects and presents products and elective procedures to patients. Optistyle has a built-in video camera with instant frame photo try-on capacity and is completely patient operated.

The brief (30- to 40-second) videos present information about products including AR coatings and progressive lenses. An optional printer makes printouts of product recommendations for patients.

Medeor Systems Inc.
Phone: (866) MEDEORS


Diagnostic system + refractor
Marco recently added the Evolution electronic refractor to its line of Vision Diagnostic Systems. Designed primarily for optometrists who perform their own refractions, the Evolution provides complete control of the refraction process through the wireless, infrared, handheld remote control. The O.D. can pre-program the entire refraction process to increase exam efficiency.

Marco says that O.D.s can integrate the Evolution with chart projectors, autorefractors and lensmeters from nearly every other major manufacturer without purchasing an interface box. The device also features a high-contrast LCD display built into the eyepiece unit, a 45-degree visual field and a remote control with phosphorescent illumination for easy use in darkened exam rooms.

Marco Ophthalmics Inc.
Phone: (800) 874-5274


B&L's kit addresses the lens care needs of ortho-k patients.

Just for the ortho-K patient
Bausch & Lomb launched the Boston Advanced Ortho-K Care system kit for orthokeratology patients. It helps eyecare practitioners reinforce healthy lens care practices that are crucial for ortho-k patients to follow, B&L says. The kit includes Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution and Rewetting Drops, GP lens remover and instructions, lens case, travel bag and patient care guide.

Bausch & Lomb
Phone: (800) 553-5340



Designs for Vision Inc. makes the Original Distance Test Chart for the Partially Sighted.

Low vision distance testing
Eschenbach recommends the Designs for Vision Inc. Original Distance Test Chart for the Partially Sighted as its distance acuity testing tool. It's constructed of heavy gauge laminated paper and durable vinyl covers and features spiral binding to allow for quick optotype changes. The Feinbloom Number Chart is calibrated for use at 10 feet and includes optotypes from 10/10 to 10/700 so practitioners can meet the needs of their low vision patients.

Phone: (800) 487-5389

Cards are new and improved
Stereo Optical Co. Inc. presented a new version of Teller Acuity Cards. The company says that the new laminated 17-card set is more durable and lighter in weight than the previous version. The improved digital printing process yields higher quality, standardized, artifact-free test targets needed for testing infants and nonverbal patients.

Stereo Optical Co. Inc.
Phone: (800) 344-9500


Optometric Management, Issue: April 2004