Article Date: 5/1/2004

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For Your Patients And Practice

Flura Safe combines fluorexon and benoxinate in one bottle.

Dye/anesthetic combo
Accutome presents Flura Safe, a combination of fluorexon and benoxinate. The formulation anesthetizes the cornea and stains it to facilitate Goldmann tonometry, gonioscopy and foreign body removal, among other procedures. Accutome says that its product requires no eye rinsing. Further, patients can reinsert their soft contact lenses without damaging or staining them. Accutome attributes those benefits to Flura Safe's fluorexon, which acts like a large-molecule fluorescein.

Phone: (800) 979-2020


The Business is available in CR39 with 1.5 index.

New option for computer users
Carl Zeiss Optical says that it designed its new Business computer lens for "typical workplace configurations" and provides patients with comfortable vision in the near and intermediate range. The Business features a large near zone with stabilized power, smooth and comfortable transitions between intermediate and near ranges, patented Horizontal Symmetry, fully aspheric surfaces for thinner and flatter lenses and a variable inset. The minimum fitting height is 16 mm. Zeiss Business is available in two lens types:

1. The Business 10 displays a power increase of 1.00D

2. The Business 15 displays a power increase of 1.50D.

Carl Zeiss Optical Inc.
Phone: (800) 338-2984


6x power noves mono eyewear is available in two frame colors.

New power, new frame
Eschenbach introduced the newest addition to noves mono, its eyewear line that uses ultra-thin lenses to diffract light. The 6x (24D) power version uses Eschenbach's multi-order diffraction lens design that allows the noves lens to be half as thick (only 5 mm ) as comparable lenses, the company says. Additionally, the whole noves mono line is now available in a gunmetal frame as well as the gold-colored frame.

Phone: (800) 487-5389


Low-cost software
MSF Computing introduced its "low cost, comprehensive and reliable" practice management software. CFILE/IFILE provides complete inventory control, marketing support, appointment scheduling, electronic submission of orders and of insurance claims to any clearing house and/or insurance company, electronic examination recording and complete accounts receivable control. The software also works with all labs and provides detailed sales analysis and cash flow forecasting, the company claims.

MSF Computing Inc.
Phone: (519) 749-0374


How low can you go?
Essilor last month launched the Varilux Ellipse, a small-frame progressive lens that allows a fitting height as low as 14 mm. The lens reaches 85% of the power at only 9.5 mm. Initially, the Ellipse is available in 1.50 index (CR-39) from =6.00 to ­10.00 (4 cyl.). However, Essilor reports that high-index 1.67 will be available this summer, and the full range of materials available by year's end.

Essilor of America Inc.
Phone: (972) 241-4141


Optometric Management, Issue: May 2004