Article Date: 6/1/2004

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The SCF 943 is available in three colors.

Sophisticated "tween" eyewear
ClearVision has announced its "Save the Children" collection of eyewear for "tweens" (children in the 8- to 12-year-old age bracket). The collection offers 12 sophisticated frame designs for both boys and girls. Two popular frames are the SCF 942 and the SCF 943. The SCF 942 is a metal frame with a stylish butterfly eye shape, which has a streamlined appearance. The SCF 943 (pictured) has a rectangular shaped frame and a sleek, elongated appearance. It's available in blue, pewter and Amber brown with a choice of two sizes, 44/18/120 or 46/18/125. Matching sun clips are available.

Phone: (800) 645-3733

Option for steeper corneas
Hydrogel Vision Corp. expanded its Extreme H20 G60 S-Xtra contact lens design to offer a steeper base curve and plus powers to fit a wider range of steeper corneas. Hydrogel tested the new 8.3 base curve and found improved on-eye stability in an estimated 20% of cases where the current median (8.6 mm) base curve lens demonstrates excess movement or decentration up and out.

The new G60 S-Xtra lens parameters are: 14.2 diameter, median (8.6 mm) and steep (8.3 mm) base curves in minus powers from ­0.25 to ­8.00, and in median 8.6 mm) base curve in plus powers from +0.25 to +6.00. You can get 45-lens diagnostic sets of the new G60 S-Xtra lenses directly from Hydrogel or any authorized Extreme H20 distributor.

Hydrogel Vision Corp.
Phone: (877) 336-2482


The Optistyle is portable.

DVD that does the selling
Medeor Systems released the Optistyle DVD, its latest video-based marketing tool for eyecare professionals. The DVD is designed for opticians and the dispensing area, and can be used as a one-on-one sales tool to demonstrate the advantages of various lens products and add-ons. You can also program it to serve as a patient-interactive marketing tool.

Medeor Systems Inc.
Phone: (310) 899-1859


New-and-improved Web site
Sauflon Pharmaceuticals recently launched its fully revised and expanded Web site (, which now offers comprehensive sections for both eyecare professionals and contact lens wearers. The site covers contact lenses and lens care products and a separate section provides information on the Sauflon Patient Retention Program.

Sauflon Pharmaceuticals
Phone: (800) 635-6967


MSF's IFILE (seen here) and CFILE are inexpensive practice management software options.

Reasonably priced software
MSF Computing presents IFILE and CFILE, its alternative to expensive practice management software. IFILE is designed for optometrists, while CFILE is for opticians. Both programs feature complete inventory control, appointment scheduling, recall, automatic order pricing, complete accounts receivable control, electronic submission of orders and HCFA-1500 form printing and electronic submission in X.12 format. MSF says that both programs can run on the "most modest of computers."

MSF Computing
Phone: (519) 749-0374



Optometric Management, Issue: June 2004