Article Date: 8/1/2004

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Vision Testing on the Go

A portable vision tester became indispensable to this optometrist.

Stereo Optical Co., Inc.'s Optec 5000 vision testing device has become a valuable addition to our ability to take care of patients in my practice. It has been helpful both in the office and in out-of-office testing situations.

Reduce chair time

In office, it has allowed us to test visual acuity (distance and near), binocular vision (fusion and posture), color vision, stereopsis and contrast sensitivity in three to five minutes. (With the manual individual tests, it took 10 to 12 minutes.) We easily trained an assistant to perform the tests, and she then
enters the information into our electronic medical records, thus facilitating the movement of patients through the office. My practice has found that we can test patients of all ages efficiently with the Optec 5000.

The Optec 5000 is a valuable asset inside and outside the office, Dr. Gardner says.

Try take out

Outside of the office, we've used the instrument for a variety of vision testing situations. We've performed sports vision screenings for years, going to various area high schools and colleges. Our office performs testing on team members in a variety of vision categories that are familiar to all sports vision specialists. These include speed and span of recognition, eye-hand coordination and speed, etc. Gaining this valuable information in a short amount of time, with a technician doing this job, has allowed us to see more patients during those screenings.

The Optec 5000 is also a valuable asset in nursing homes. It's lightweight and portable and you can adjust the body of the instrument to get most patients aligned quite easily.

The dual sight lines allow you to switch from distance to near targets without negatively affecting results on bifocal wearers. Now you can test these patients through the proper portion of their spectacle lenses. This feature is helpful compared to earlier testing devices.

The illumination is now homogenous and complies with the new American National Standards Institute standards. It doesn't cause any hot spots, which was a problem that had been inherent in many early generation vision testers.

Who doesn't need it?

As with all devices in our practice, we look carefully at maintenance requirements. The lenses and slides in this instrument are easy to clean. The exterior is made of easily cleaned, but durable plastic. There should be virtually no need for service provided that you adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule.

My experience with the Optec 5000 allows me to recommend it strongly to busy practices looking for ways to streamline and delegate. It's also available in the 5000P model, which includes a peripheral test.



Optometric Management, Issue: August 2004