Article Date: 9/1/2004

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For Your Patients And Practice

Eye Designs gives your office a classic look.

Furniture with style
Eye Designs' new Classics Collection furniture offers timeless style, the company says. The free-standing displays feature elegant moldings and details. The collection is available in a wide variety of contemporary and traditional styles.

Eye Designs LLC
Phone: (800) 346-8890


GP multifocal for presbyopes
The LifeStyle GP Co. introduces its Lifestyle Marquis GP Multifocal. The unique design features Curve Differential Optics advanced technology that adapts to a patient's vision at all distances, the company claims. It provides a controlled number of fitting parameters, the ability to determine potential lens changes quickly, and it's made from premium Boston XO material for comfort that lasts all day.

The LifeStyle GP Company
Phone: (888) 379-6645


The ME-1000 also features a manual mode for more creative craftsmen.

Drill combines technologies
Santinelli's ME-1000 Multi-Function Edger features proprietary 3-Dimensional Drilling and 3-Dimensional Grooving, as well as Polish Safety Beveling. The combination offers CNC-control and the ME-1000's flexible tilting function mode creates 3-D drilling by automatically adjusting the angle of the drill direction according to the lens surface. An additional auto-mode adjusts the drill angle for panto-scopic tilt.

The ME-1000 also features 3-D grooving with a grooving cutter that automatically adjusts according to the lens curve, producing a groove with "pin-point accuracy," Santinelli says. Additionally, it offers a high power/high speed direct drive spindle motor with newly developed grinding modes and dual lens mapping probes for all lens materials.

Santinelli International
Phone: (800) 644-3343


Refresh Plus has new labeling.

Dry eye relief
Allergan announces that its Refresh Plus now has FDA-approved additional labeling to provide guidance to the many consumers who rely on the artificial tears product for dry eye relief, and in reinforcement of an eyecare practitioner's instructions for postoperative dry eye. Research indicates that ocular surgery, particularly LASIK, produces a high incidence of postoperative dry eye, lasting from one to 12 months in a substantial number of patients. Allergan says that in comparative trials, Refresh products with carboxymethylcellulose produce superior relief of post-op dry eye than other products.

Phone: (714) 246-4500



The TT368 is specially designed to work with OfficeMate software.

New thermal transfer tag
Arch Crown introduces its Thermal Transfer TT368 tag, specially designed for users of OfficeMate software and the SATO CX208 thermal transfer printer. The pressure-sensitive TT368 paper tag is ideal for bar coding, the company claims, and attaches directly onto the eyeglass frame. It comes in rolls of 800 tags for $16.20 each roll.

Arch Crown Inc.
Phone: (800) 526-8353



Optometric Management, Issue: September 2004