Article Date: 4/1/2005

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For Your Patients And Practice

EyeDesign's Profiles collection combine "European simplicity with urban design."

Interiors with attitude

Eye Designs says its Profiles collection of furniture provides an ambiance of "free-style sophistication." The pieces feature curved and modular accents along with low-voltage lighting for a simple, yet contemporary design.

Eye Designs LLC
Phone: (800) 346-8890


Presbyopic contact lens

CIBA Vision introduced the CIBASoft Progressive Toric, a specialty toric multifocal contact lens. The company says that it provides presbyopic, astigmatic patients with excellent intermediate and near vision without compromising distance acuity. CIBA reports that in its test market, 81% of wearers achieved 20/25 or better distance acuity and 75% achieved 20/30 or better acuity with the first lens tried. "The primary market for this lens is current, soft toric contact lens patients who have emerging presbyopia, but patients corrected with soft toric lenses for monovision or monovision dropouts are also likely to be interested," a CIBA representative said.

CIBA Vision
Phone: (800) 348-9595


File folders that fight germs

Ancom presents antimicrobial folders that guard against the growth of microorganisms, mold and mildew to protect your staff from contaminated files. The company says it treats the folders inside and out with zeolite compounds that kill most of the bacteria they contact. Also according to Ancom, the treatment is FDA-approved and EPA-registered and doesn't wear off. Six different styles of file folders are available, including tab-end folders and jackets; pocket and fastener folders hold documents securely in place. Ancom says that it will make custom products using the antimicrobial stock as well.

Ancom Business Products
Phone: (800) 845-9010


Use the Jewelers forceps to insert and remove punctal plugs.

Forceps for punctal plugs

Odyssey Medical recently presented its Curved Jewelers Forceps #7 for insertion of collagen and Extend punctal plugs. You can also use them to remove the Parasol Punctal Occluder, the company says. List price of the forceps is $35.

Odyssey Medical Inc.
Phone: (888) 905-7770



The HDX Progressive is PolyVue's latest upgrade to its Presbyopic System.

Contact lens system upgraded

PolyVue says its HDX progressive soft contact lens is an upgrade to the company's PolyVue Presbyopic System. The simple-to-fit lens uses proprietary progressive geometry and High Definition Optics to give an excellent impression for both near and distance. For a limited time, PolyVue offers a free fitting set to qualified eyecare practitioners; it has a full power range of HD Aspheric lens and the new HDX Progressive.

PolyVue Distribution Inc.
Phone: (877) 734-2010


Pick up a toric four-pack

Metro Optics presented a new four pack of toric con-tact lenses, the Metro Soft Toric 4-pack. Potential base curve choices are 8.4, 8.7 and 9.0 with powers ranging from +10.00D to -10.00D. Toric cylinder availability is ­0.75 to ­8.00, in steps of 0.25. The four pack is available in a standard diameter of 14mm in a polymacon 38% water content material.

Metro Optics
Phone: (800) 223-1858


Optometric Management, Issue: April 2005