Article Date: 5/1/2005

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Briot's Accura Silver is the latest addition to the company's Accura line of all-in-one edgers.

High-tech edger for less

Briot USA's Briot Accura Silver offers advanced edging technology in a single, user-friendly machine at a low price. The Accura Silver's features include integrated 4-D tracing, automatic centering and blocking functions, multi-mode bevel positioning and flat bevel polishing. It edges popular lens types including polycarbonate and high-index and has special settings for AR-coated and fragile lenses; additionally, it can handle eye sizes as small as
17.75 mm B rimless. The unit also has a 156-job memory. The Accura Silver is space-efficient and requires only simple maintenance, Briot says.

Briot USA
Phone: (800) 292-7468


The PalmScan AP2000 is ideal for use in multiple settings.

Light-weight combo unit

Micro Medical Devices offers an alternative to bulky biometry devices with its PalmScan AP2000 -- weighing a mere 10 ounces. The company says it's the only hand-held A-Scan and pachymeter combination unit on the market today. The PalmScan features auto data capture, advanced pattern recognition automatic gain control, eye types and velocity configuration, corneal mapping, corneal waveform capture and super-position, IOP adjustment, wireless printing and backup capabilities. It also offers touch-screen controls and integrated desktop application.

Micro Medical Devices Inc.
Phone: (866) 730-0663




Quantel's Axis II PR is perfect for post-refractive patients.

Precision A-scans

Quantel Medical introduces the Axis II PR, its latest product in the Precision A-Scan line. The Axis II PR addresses the biometry challenge of post-refractive patients by providing an additional six post-refractive formulas with established clinical efficacy equivalent to the laser interferometer. It now comes with 0.25-diopter-increment IOL powers.

Quantel includes formulas that will meet the surgeon's biometry needs whether or not the patient's pre-operative keratometry or refraction history is available.

Quantel Medical Inc.
Phone: (888) 660-6726


New options for Gradal lenses

Carl Zeiss Optical has expanded its Gradal Individual customized progressive lens family to include several new options. These include a new 1.67 material for thinner, lighter lenses (currently, this material offering only applies to Gradal Individual, not Short i); Carat Advantage Coating, which will now be standard on all Gradal Individual and Short i lenses); and new sunglass tints.

Carl Zeiss Optical
Phone: (800) 338-2984


More cleanable AR coatings

Hoya has launched ViewProtect, a new, anti-reflective topcoat that offers "superior cleanability and improved durability," the company says. It repels dirt, fingerprints and smudges so that lenses stay cleaner longer; less cleaning also results in fewer scratches. ViewProtect is available on Hoya Hi-Vision AR and Hoya Premium AR brands.

Hoya Vision Care
Phone: (877) 528-1939


Optometric Management, Issue: May 2005