Article Date: 6/1/2005

what's new

The demo shows patients the advantages of products such as polarized lenses and AR coating.

New Web site feature

Carl Zeiss presents a new interactive vision demonstration section on its updated Web site. The section, accessible via the company's homepage, leads visitors through a series of interactive flash displays that explain eye anatomy and vision problems, as well as Zeiss products and how they work. The interactive vision demo section includes the following features:


Myopic and hyperopic eyes
Vision after 40
Vision in the workplace
Ranges of Progressive Lenses
Sun protection/Transitions

Carl Zeiss Optical Inc.
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The EZ-200 also features data printout.

Analyze lenses in seconds

Topcon says that its EZ-200 Automatic Rx Analyzer is compact, easy to use and features the "world's first" simultaneous measurement of right and left lenses. The spectacle measuring system automatically reads lens power (sphere, cylinder, axis); it can recognize and measure multifocals and progressives, display far- and near-point distance from optical center for progressive lenses; and measure monocular and total spectacle PD.

The single-button measuring process allows even those with no prior optical experience to obtain accurate, repeatable results in seconds. Measurement of single vision lenses (both right and left) takes 10 seconds, while progressive lenses take 20 seconds. The device also features an RS-232 interface for easy communication with other Topcon products and/or a personal computer.

Topcon Medical Systems
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The Mission collection emulates Shaker-style furniture and the Arts & Crafts Movement.

Old World Ambiance

K Eye Designs' new collection of furniture for ophthalmic interiors draws its inspiration from Shaker-style furniture and the Arts & Crafts Movement. The Mission Collection duplicates the quality, integrity of design and beautiful simplicity of old world craftsmanship, the company says. All Mission displays are available in a variety of wood finishes and feature halogen lighting.

Eye Designs LLC
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The magnifier cap is easy to manipulate.

Low-Vision Aid Gets Protection

Eschenbach has added a protective hard plastic cover to its 1510 line of illuminated, hand-held magnifiers. The blue cap will shield the lens from scratches and general wear and tear when not in use. It's attached to the magnifier by a hinge so that users can't lose or forget it, and it can also be completely removed. Eschenbach says that the cover is easy to use, especially for the elderly or those with weak or unsteady hands.

Eschenbach Optik
Phone: (800) 487-5389


Optometric Management, Issue: June 2005