Article Date: 7/1/2005

what's new

KODAK CleAR Coating is a subtle green in color.

New AR coating

Signet Armorlite introduces the KODAK CleAR Anti-Reflective Coating, the multi-layer, premium stack that's applied with vacuum deposition process and topped off with a super hydrophobic/oleo-phobic layer. Signet Armorlite says that a special formulation and process designed into the adhesion layer insures durability over the life of the prescription. KODAK CleAR Coating is easy to clean and allows 99% of available light to reach the eyes, making vision sharper as well.

According to the company, it's compatible with most manufacturers' lenses and specifically designed to enhance the visual performance of KODAK Precise and Concise Progressives.

Signet Armorlite
Phone: (800) 950-5367


The Acrobat includes horizontal line markers to help users focus.

A magnifier with a memory

Enhanced Vision's new product, Acrobat, is a 3-in-1 video magnifier that features built-in memory, allowing the camera to "remember" your most recent settings for near, distance and self-viewing. The full-color, auto focus Acrobat has a flexible arm and offers up to 72X magnification. It can connect with laptop or desktop computers, electronic glasses and television, making it useful at home, office or school.

Additionally, the Acrobat features seven viewing modes, a battery-operated option to make it portable, and a detachable camera head.

Enhanced Vision
Phone: (888) 811-3161

Get to know wavefront

Tracey Technologies presents EduTrace, a self-guided, hands-on software tutorial program for wavefront aberrometry. The company developed the product to provide doctors and their staffs with a better understanding of the range of diagnostic and surgical applications of wavefront aberrometry. The EduTrace includes aberrometry software and more than 50 patient cases, which the user can view and manipulate within the software, as well as a color workbook that walks the user through each case and provides an overview of wavefront aberrometry technologies and data displays.

Tracey Technologies
Phone: (888) 758-1958

The EZ-200 automatically displays measurement results on its large, color LCD screen.

Figure out the Rx

TopCon says its EZ-200 Automatic Rx Analyzer can automatically reads lens power (sphere, cylinder, axis), in addition to being compact and easy to use. It features the "world's first" simultaneous measurement of right and left lenses, and can recognize and measure multifocals and progressives, display far- and near-point distance from optical center for progressive lenses; and measure monocular and total spectacle PD. The EZ-200 also features an RS-232 interface for communication with other Topcon products and/or a personal computer.

Topcon Medical Systems
Phone: (800) 223-1130

Lens for water sports

Panoptx introduces the Marine line of eyewear, designed specifically for boating and fishing enthusiasts. The line combines the anti-glare properties of polarization with light-sensitive photochromic properties, the company says. It also features a waterproof coating and 100% ultraviolet protection. The Marine line will be in retail stores next month.

Phone: (925) 484-0292

Optometric Management, Issue: July 2005