Article Date: 9/1/2005

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Welcome to the Team!

Dear new colleague,

Teamwork ... what does the term conjure up in your mind? Sports continues to show us why teamwork is the key to success. The corporate world reminds us of the risks when we're not working together as a team. And even our parents have told us through the years that we're much stronger together than we are individually.

So how does a new O.D. become part of the "team"? It starts by convincing the rank and file that you care, that, although you may have chosen optometry for a wide variety of reasons, you've been inspired for the past 4 years to care. Beyond caring, are you prepared to give your time and energy to support issues of concern? Some veteran O.D.s say no. They say those days are behind us, and practitioners graduating today — you — are not prepared for such a commitment.

I'd like to propose the following as a roadmap to future success:

New grads: Pledge to support the profession and keep an open mind to opportunities.

Senior practitioners: Pledge to provide opportunities for new grads as they plan for growth, associateship and retirement.

Schools and colleges: Pledge to help students minimize debt and maximize opportunities for job placement.

Industry: Pledge to play an appropriate role in postgraduate education and job placement.

American Optometric Association: Pledge to put generations together to discuss issues of concern to all.

In the end, the future of our profession will depend on our teamwork. Let's all pledge to do our part as a team, so a new generation of colleagues will have the opportunity to reach their lofty dreams and ambitions. It's good for optometry.

All the best,

Howard B. Purcell, O.D., F.A.A.O.
New England College of Optometry '84
VISTAKON® consultant to new O.D.
(800) 876-6622, ext. 1019; (904) 443-1019


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Optometric Management, Issue: September 2005