Article Date: 2/1/2006

what's new

The FDA approved new labeling claims for ReNu.

MPS for silicone hydrogels

The FDA has cleared additional labeling claims for Bausch & Lomb's ReNu with MoistureLoc Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS). The product now features a specific indication for use with silicone hydrogel contact lenses, as well as an additional claim that the product conditions contact lenses, in support of its original "sustained comfort" labeling.

Bausch & Lomb

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Wavefront-improved lenses

Essilor of America launched two progressive lenses made with Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement (WAVE) technology. The Varilux Physio, Essilor says, is suitable for most patients, including new presbyopes. The lens utilizes a front side design and digital surfacing on the molds. The resulting improved vision includes a 30% wider intermediate field of vision, controlled aberrations in distance vision, and more contrast in low-light conditions, the company says.

For patients who have more complex prescriptions or have not adapted to other progressive addition lenses, Essilor offers the Varilux Physio 360�. WAVE technology is applied to both the front and back of this lens with a proprietary technology the company says minimizes distortions and preserves and enhances the effectiveness of the

The Varilux Physio and Varilux Physio 360Þ bring wavefront technology to progressive lenses.

 front design.

Essilor of America

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Help LV patients focus

Eschenbach presents the Highlighter, a magnifier/highlighter designed to keep low-vision patients from losing their place while reading. The company says that the device's design sheds extra illumination on one line of text in the center of the lens' field of view, helping patients stay on track. The Highlighter features 11.40D of power and a 100mm x 50mm lens, so patients can view a large amount of text at one time. A tiltable head prevents overhead light glare. Patients can adjust the degree of illumination to their preference. A halogen bulb is included.

Eschenbach Optik

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New and improved edger

Santinelli says its new SE-9090 Express Plus edger (an upgraded version of the 2004 OLA award-winner) offers up to 35% faster lens finishing. It's constructed of heavy-duty, industrial-grade components for 24/7 operation, and edges high-index, Trivex and polycarbonate lenses. The new edger can be fit with Santinelli's robotic handling

units and paired with the company's AHM-1000 unit for drilling functionality. Other features include automatic exclusive Crystal Cut edge polish and automatic safety bevel.

The SE-9090 is designed with dual spindle technology, allowing for multi-tasking.

Santinelli International

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New toric progressive CL

K PolyVue Distribution will introduce its fully molded, planned-replacement toric contact lens, the HDX Toric Progressive, this month at SECO. The lens features a toric back surface, stabilized with a prism ballast to provide consistent vision at all distances, as well as patented aberration-control optics that provides clearer, crisper vision, the company says.

PolyVue Distribution Inc.

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Optometric Management, Issue: February 2006