Article Date: 12/1/2005

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Never forget your drops

Allergan introduces a new tool to increase patient compliance in glaucoma treatment. The Lumigan Compliance Aid fits all size Lumigan (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) bottles and features a light timed to flash if the bottle has not been removed for dosing in 24 hours. There is also an optional sound alarm. After the patient removes the bottle and replaces it, the device resets and will flash again 24 hours later if the bottle has not been removed.  

Allergan Inc.
Phone: (800) 433-8871

Partnership brings new lenses

Oakley and Transitions Optical have blended technologies to produce two new prescription lenses, the Oakley Transitions and the Oakley Iridium with Transitions. The new lenses combine Transitions V with ESP photochromic technology, Oakley Iridium lens coating and Oakley Plutonite lens material.

The Oakley Transitions lenses are virtually clear indoors, darken when exposed to direct sunlight and achieve an 84% light absorption. The Iridium lenses feature a tinted appearance in the inactivated state and achieve at least 89% light absorption when exposed to sunlight.

Oakley Inc.
Phone: (800) 431-1439

ICaps offers 10mg of lutein and zeaxanthin.

Multivitamin for eye health

Alcon Laboratories presents ICaps MV, a multivitamin designed to provide patients with an optimal combination of vitamins and nutrients for both eye and body health. The product is based on the first AREDS (Age-Related Eye Disease Study)-based formulation and also contains 23 essential ingredients for the body.

Alcon Laboratories
Phone: (800) 757-9195

New GP material

Lagado Corp. introduces TYRO-97 (hofocon A), a new hydrophilic surface GP contact lens material. It features a Dk value of 97 and a wetting angle of 23�. The formula contains a combination of hydrophilic monomers to produce a surface that's wettable and comfortable, the company says. TYRO-97 can be made in spherical, aspheric, toric and bifocal contact lenses.

Legado Corporation
Phone: (800) 574-2581

Display highlights your low vision aids.

POP displays increase revenue

Eschenbach presents Magnifier Displays. Three new point-of-purchase displays allow eyecare professionals to show a variety of magnifiers in different powers at the check-out desk or in the optical dispensary. Eschenbach says they are the perfect marketing tool for practices that want to promote low vision care.

Eschenbach Optik
Phone: (800) 487-5389

Reward your juvenile patients

Ancom's Children's Reward Labels feature eight different coloroful graphics combined with messages to make kids feel special after their eye exam. The labels are sold in rolls of 100 and can be combined into a kit of five different designs in a display.

Ancom Business Products
Phone: (800) 845-9010

Optometric Management, Issue: December 2005