Article Date: 3/1/2006

new product technologies
Improving the Benefits of AR
A new anti-reflective lens actually repels dirt, smudges and dust.

Crizal Aliz� with Clear Guard features an anti-particulate layer.

As a rule in our practice, the customer always comes first. Because of this golden rule, we try to dispense only glasses that provide the clearest vision possible. Thus we dispense anti-reflective (AR) coating on more than 70% of the lenses in our office. Providing premium AR lenses helps patients see more sharply, look better in their glasses (since lenses almost seem to disappear) and drive more confidently at night. As you probably know, once you have AR, you never go back. In the two years since we have been dispensing Crizal Aliz� brand AR lenses, by Essilor, we have not had one patient complain.

That's why I was so interested in Crizal Aliz� with Clear Guard, the company's newest generation of AR lens. We had come to expect an excellent product in terms of scratch resistance and cleanability, so I was skeptical of what advancement the new version could hold. But it did not disappoint.

Stays cleaner longer

This new product has an anti-particulate layer actually fused into the AR coating. This feature repels smudges, dust, dirt and fingerprints. In fact, even if you clean these lenses with a tissue, no residue is left behind. I had so many patients who loved AR when it came out, but found it difficult to keep clean. The big advantage to these lenses is that they stay cleaner longer than previous versions.

This anti-particulate effect of the lenses not only repels dirt and smudges, but also makes them easier to clean. These lenses have an even higher contact angle (113�) than previous generations. Of course, the higher the contact angle, the slicker the surface, making lenses easier to clean. Less cleaning means less likelihood of scratching.

Meeting patient needs

Crizal Aliz� with Clear Guard

AR Performance Measures for Crizal Aliz� with Clear Guard

Back side scratch coating...........Integrated

Front side scratch coating..........Integrated

Cleanability (Contact Angle)......113�



With its scratch resistance, cleanability, and now anti-particulate abilities, these lenses are the answer to my patients' AR needs. It fact, we now recommend them to every patient of all ages, including children. My 11-year-old daughter, Kelsey, has Crizal Alizé with Clear Guard in all of her eye glasses. She loves that she doesn't have to clean them as frequently. These lenses have remained in great condition for more than a year. Now that lenses stay cleaner longer, I have everything my patients need from an AR lens for the clearest vision possible for the long term.



Optometric Management, Issue: March 2006