Article Date: 3/1/2006

what's new

GP lens for keratoconus

Blanchard Contact Lens says its Rose K2 aberration control contact lens delivers high levels of vision and comfort for keratoconic patients. The lens design features a parabolic section on the posterior lens surface to counteract spherical aberrations present in steeper and higher-minus keratoconus lens designs. Additionally, the company says, a larger posterior optical zone, reduced lens mass and aberration-controlled optics provide up to two lines of visual acuity improvement, reduce glare, halo and flare in dim lighting conditions. The company also says they provide longer hours of wear with improved lens comfort.

O.D.s can use their existing Rose K fitting set to fit the Rose K2.

Blanchard Contact Lens Inc.

Phone: (800) 367-4009


Volk says its Super Macula 2.2 is easier to handle.

A lighter, smaller lens

Volk redesigned its Super Macula 2.2 lens to provide detailed views of the optic nerve head and macula in a lighter, smaller lens. The Super Macula 2.2 delivers high resolution (1.49x image magnification and 0.6x laser spot magnification). The indirect-contact lens magnifies the treatment area and delivers a small laser spot for precise treat-ment. The 78° view allows for detailed views of the macula and disk.

Volk is offering a 30-day risk-free trial for customers in the United States.

Volk Optical

Phone: (800) 345-8655


Dry eye drops

Alcon says its Systane Free lubricant eye drops are preserved in the bottle, but preservative-free in the eye. The liquid gel features preservation in the bottle that's achieved with ions and buffer systems that prevent microbial growth. Once Systane Free comes in contact with ions found in the eye, such as potassium and sodium, the ionic buffer-preserving system is rendered inactive. Alcon says the drop is formulated at an optimal pH for day and night use.

Systane Free won't irritate dry eye patients who are sensitive to preservatives.


Phone: (800) 451-3937


New & improved office software

Eyemaginations introduces the latest version of its eyecare practice software, the 3D-Eye Office, version 4.1. New features include a more user-friendly point-and-click format and 75 new, enhanced three-dimensional animations. Additionally, 4.1 allows users to organize and save presentations by room (waiting room, exam room, optical). It also features expanded material on such conditions as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Choose between video and sketchpad modes for enhanced explanations for patients.

Eyemaginations Inc.

Phone: (877) 321-5481


The Smart System Premier is an all-in-one system.

Better computerized testing

M&S Technologies says its new Smart System computerized visual acuity and contrast sensitivity test platform bring vision testing to the next level of efficiency. Both the Smart System Premier and Smart System Basic are single-component systems, with monitor and CPU integrated into a single device. Features include an astigmatic dial, fixation disparity, two-directional optotype pointer, phoria and Maddox rod. The Premier features enhanced video options and is integrated with Eye- maginations software. The Basic is a reduced-feature system designed for patient screening rooms.

M&S Technologies Inc.

Phone: (877) 225-6101


Optometric Management, Issue: March 2006