Article Date: 4/1/2006

what's new

The OcuTouch 360 features large picture icons for navigation.

Animated patient education

Trevi Technology introduces OcuTouch 360, a patient education software system. It consists of four fully-animated modules to educate patients, including thousands of instant-access illustrations and animated narratives of clinical material. Other features include an animated atlas of eye anatomy, an animated and narrated waiting room loop and interactive seminars, and an optical dispensary tool.

The system is available on CD and can be loaded on most computers, laptops and tablet PCs.

Trevi Technology

Phone: (888) 668-7384




Information at your fingertips

Gulden says its new Dovie Cards are a time-saving tool for eye care practitioners. The Dovie Ophthalmics Drug Card features more than 65 of the most commonly-used ophthalmic medications, including available strengths, sizes and typical dosage, as well as information on pediatric dosing. The cards are color coded and categorized by diagnosis.

The Dovie Peds and Pupils Card is a quick reference guide for pediatric testing and billing information. The card offers information on the 11 most common binocular vision disorders and their associated clinical exam findings. Binocular vision and accommodative testing normal/expected values for many pediatric disorders are included, as well as a reference guide illustrating common pupillary anomalies and associated ICD-9 billing codes.

Both cards are the size of an prescription pad and double-sided.

Gulden Ophthalmics

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Retinal imaging cameras

Kowa's Non-Myd 7 offers easy image storage.

Kowa introduces two advanced digital fundus cameras, the Non-Myd 7 and the Genesis-D handheld retinal camera. The Non-Myd 7 features the capability of 6.1 mega-pixel high-resolution photography, 45- and 20-degree angles, and three internal fixation target positions.  

The Genesis-D features 2 mega-pixel imaging, a finder observation system that's parallel to the optic axis and a 2.5-inch LCD screen. This camera comes with a padded stand for storage.

Kowa Optimed Inc.

Phone: (800) 966-5692


The LED Headlight allows patients to adjust the angle and degree of lighting.

Portable headlight

Eschenbach presents the LED Headlight to provide task lighting that is hands-free and battery-operated. Three LEDs (light-emitting diodes) provide long-lasting illumination and the adjustable elastic strap is designed to be comfortable and stay in place. Both the angle and level of lighting is adjustable. The LED Headlight is powered by three AAA batteries, which are included.

Eschenbach Optik

Phone: (800) 487-5389


Easy magnification

Enhanced Vision's Amigo Desktop Magnifier provides 3.5X to 14X magnification of text, yet weighs a little over one pound and is pocket-sized, so it can go anywhere. It features a 6.5-inch viewing screen and large field-of-view, tiltable screen, freeze frame, six viewing modes and internal battery charger. Magnification is adjusted with a turn of the dial. The Amigo comes with a two-year warranty.

Enhanced Vision

Phone: (888) 811-3161


Optometric Management, Issue: April 2006