Article Date: 5/1/2006

what's new

Tears Again Hydrate contains Omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids.

Hydration in a soft gel

Cynacon/Ocusoft presents its Tears Again Hydrate nutritional supplement in an easy-to-swallow soft gel form. The supplement contains an Omega-3 fatty acid, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, bilberry extract and an Omega 6 fatty acid, ingredients that many studies suggest may ease the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. The product is only available through doctors' offices.


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Rimless made easy

Santinelli International will distribute Activisu Solutions' Fashion Lab, software that enables practi-tioners to dispense customized rimless eye wear. It lets you — and your patients — create unique lens designs by manipulating standard shape templates and a computer-generated visual. You can superimpose the lens shape over a digital image of the patient's face, then edit the lens size and shape. Fashion Lab works with any digital photography program. The software can obtain lens shape data from a tracer or an internally-managed database, as well as place drill coordinates for three-piece mounts.

Santinelli says that Fashion Lab compliments its ME-1000 Multi-function Edger, and can work with any edger that is VCA (Vision Council of America)-compliant. The software can also transmit data to a remote lens finishing facility.

Santinelli International

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Over Rx sun wear

Both the Wideline and Vistana collection feature polarized, scratch-resistant lenses.

Live Eyewear says its new Vistana collection of over-prescription-glasses polarized sunglasses more closely resembles conventional sunglasses. It also features patented frame designs that use the company's scratch-resistant lens system to eliminate the side shields associated with over-prescription sunglasses.

The new Wideline addition to the company's Cocoons collection offers a wide and low profile frame shape to accommodate popular frames that feature wide temple-to-temple measurements and narrow top-to-bottom heights.

Live Eyewear

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The Provideo line of visual acuity systems is powered by NCI software.

Updated visual acuity systems

The Provideo Classic visual acuity system by Innova provides optometrists with customized tests. It offers the tools for a routine eye examination (ETDRS and Logmar charts, white on black charts, video fixation targets and NEI diagrams), as well as a low-vision test. Another option is pre- and post-surgical exam testing. The system includes NCI (Nordstrom Consulting Inc.) software and a customizable USB remote control.

Innova Systems

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A material education

PPG Industries introduces the "Trivex Material User's Guide" and the "Trivex Material Edge, Volume II" CD to educate industry professionals working with lenses made from Trivex material. The Guide outlines steps for achieving enhanced results in both the laboratory and dispensary. It explains how to manage the entire process of offering Trivex lenses to patients and is available in print or electronic format.

"Volume II" offers tips and instructions on how to edge lenses made from Trivex using a variety of popular devices made and sold before the material was introduced, including Briot's Accura Scanform and Essilor's 900 MX.

PPG Industries

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Optometric Management, Issue: May 2006