Article Date: 6/1/2006

contact lens management
Multifocals Made Easy
This dispensing system will improve your success in fitting multifocals.

Like many other practitioners, I have discovered that fitting multifocal contact lenses often poses a challenge. However, ABBA Optical's MVP Dispensing System for presbyopic patients is one of the most successful products I've ever used because this system is more than a mere inventory of contact lenses; it's an entire system designed to help presbyopes make a well-informed decision regarding their choice of contact lens.

Getting started

The MVP Dispensing System offers several unique features:

►An inventory of 100 MVP aspheric, multifocal lenses in the most common parameters packaged in snap-tight containers labeled for easy dispensing

A customized, informative brochure with the doctor's photograph, an operating booklet, a fitting guide and an interactive training CD

► Illustrative graphics and other information for the patient in question-and-answer format to assist presbyopic patients in selecting the most beneficial options.

The MVP Dispensing System

LENS PARAMETERS: Designed to fit flat K ranges of 41.00 through 45.50
LENS POWERS: -1.00D through 5.50D
COST: $4,800

Prescreening for success

Prescreening patients is crucial to reduce chair time, increase profitability and help patients experience the beneficial features of multifocal lenses. With their flat K reading and spectacle prescription, I can easily select the appropriate lens from the system. I want my patients to see practical results: I ask them to read a newspaper and a computer screen to assess their near and intermediate vision and then have them read a sign in my parking lot to assess their distance vision. They are generally extremely happy with their visual acuity. If they continue with the fitting, I have a greater degree of certainty that the first pair of lenses I order will be successful. Fitting in the traditional empirical method, on the other hand, often requires more than one order to obtain an optimal fit.

Cost to the patient

At this point, I discuss my fee: $300 for the fitting time (nonrefundable) and $150 per lens, for a total cost of $600. Patients are more likely to perceive my fee as reasonable because I've shown them that the lenses work. The system has been very helpful to my contact lens practice; I'm now fitting three or four patients per week. I never hesitate to recommend these lenses because I can easily screen out patients who are not good candidates. Although the best candidates for these lenses are presbyopes who are already wearing GP lenses, other groups include presbyopes who are wearing soft lenses as well as those who've grown tired of wearing bifocal or multifocal glasses.

Savings to the practitioner

ABBA Optical also offers a financial incentive to your practice. Although the complete system is valued at $6,000, ABBA charges only $4,800, financing it for two years at no interest and offering rebates of $200 per month for each month in which you fit four new patients. Thus, you may receive the entire system for free by fitting only four new patients per month. In addition to the obvious financial benefits, you are able to deliver a state-of-the-art multifocal contact lens that satisfies today's discriminating presbyopes.


Optometric Management, Issue: June 2006