Article Date: 6/1/2006

what's new

Accutome and Natural Ophthalmics offer three homeopathic eye drops for allergy and dry eye relief.

Homeopathic eye drops

Accutome presents three new homeopathic eye drops from Natural Ophthalmics to treat ocular allergies and dry eye. Ocular Allergy Desensitization Eye drops are designed to reduce or eliminate the ocular symptoms of allergies. This is done by desensitizing the patient with micro dilutions of the ingredients that cause allergy if ingested in large doses. The drops are non-preserved and pH balanced.

The Dry Eye Drops Just for Women and Dry Eye Drops Just for Men address the different dryness patterns each gender experiences. Both drops are sterile and non-preserved. Accutome is currently offering free shipping on any order of more than 12 bottles.

Accutome Inc.

Phone: (800) 979-2020


New lenses in Trivex

Signet Armorlite announced that it's expanding its Kodak Progressive Lens line to include new options in Trivex lens material (made by PPG Industries). The Concise and Precise lenses will now give presbyopes the combination of clear visual performance with durable, lightweight material, the company says. Kodak Precise lenses made from Trivex are available with base curves of 1.50, 3.25, 5.00 and 7.00, and a prescription range of -10.00D to +3.00D. The company's Concise lenses made from Trivex are available with base curves of 1.25, 3.25, 5.00 and 7.50; a prescription range of -8.50D to +5.00D. Both are available with add powers of +1.00D to +3.00D in 0.25D steps.

Signet Armorlite Inc.

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Fitting kids' spectacles

The Fit-Kit holds everything necessary to present Fisher Price Eye Wear without taking up board space.

K Clear Vision Optical presents Fisher Price's new custom pediatric Fit-Kit. The bright blue kit includes eight new Fisher Price frame models, each offered in two colors for a total of 16 frames, two "flip-over" eyewear cases (pink for girls and blue for boys) and a coloring book. There's also a guide with information on color, sizes and product features for each frame in the collection.

Clear Vision Optical

Phone: (800) 645-3733


More accurate lenses

Shamir introduces the Shamir Freeform family of lens products, which includes Creation and Autograph. Both are manufactured utilizing the company's proprietary free-form technology. The Creation features an extended base curve selection (up to 7.5) to provide a flatter, more cosmetically appealing lens. The company claims the Creation is much more accurate than standard manufactured PALs because it is made without molds.

The Autograph is a customized progressive lens. The company says its back surface design provides wider fields of vision through all zones of the lens by bringing fields of vision closer to the eye.

Shamir Insight Inc.

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FlexInventory gives you accurate reports of frame sales and inventory aging.

Gain control over inventory

FlexSys offers FlexInventory software for the management of your frame inventory. It features bar code inventory control and allows you to create inventory reports by manufacturer or collection, and quantity-on-hand and valuation reports. You can also create frame inventory performance reports that manage allocation of frame board space and track vendor performance and inventory aging. The Windows-based software can also support multiple store locations.

FlexSys Vision Care Software

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Optometric Management, Issue: June 2006