Article Date: 8/1/2006

what's new

The ABBAKone fitting system features 26 diagnostic contact lenses.

Keratoconus fitting system

ABBA Optical is offering its keratoconus contact lens, the ABBA- Kone, in a new 26-lens fitting system. The system includes a fitting guide and a design calculator program that runs on a PC. The diagnostic lenses range from 47.00D to 68.00D, in 0.50D steps to 51.00D and 1.00D steps over 51.00D. The company says the aspheric lenses are available in any material. Under a current promotion, the company will give a free USB flash drive that includes the lens calculator with each purchase of the fitting system.

ABBA Optical Inc.

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It's all in the engineering

Framescape says its engineers examined the most common weak-nesses in current frame technology to deliver eye wear that solve consu-mers' problems. The company's eye wear features a completely screwless frame design, which it says eliminates the problem of lost screws, and a flexible hinge that relieves stress on the temple arm and block. The hinge releases safely under excessive stress and you can snap it back into place by hand. The company says it's patent-pending "eyewire" enables technicians to mount lenses instantly. The eye wear also features a customizable temple length that technicians can adjust.


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Software for the waiting room

Trevi Technology's Ocutouch 360 patient education software offers an expanded waiting room program with more content and multimedia capability. You can now add your own multimedia presentation to highlight your office or specialty. The software supports all popular video and audio formats, the company says. The system requires PCs to have a Windows XP or newer operating system. Ocutouch integrates with Windows Media Player so you can use all the multimedia content that your Windows Media Player supports. The new program is included in the Ocutouch 360 Patient Education Software v.3.0.

Trevi Technology

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MaxDetail glasses provide a 20Þ-field of view and a 16-inch working distance.

Magnify the view

Eschenbach introduces the MaxDetail, glasses that provide 2x magnification and a 20�-field of view for low-vision patients. The glasses offer a 16"-working distance, flexible plastic temples and weigh just 49g. Patients can focus the lenses individually to compensate for +/– 3.00D of spherical correction or adjust for near activities.

Eschenbach Optik

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High-resolution retinal imaging

Volk's Digital High Mag lens produces 3-D topographical views of the peripapillary nerve fiber layer.

Volk presents a new addition to its third generation of double aspheric optic lenses, the Digital Series. The new Digital High Mag is a high-magnification, non-contact slit lamp lens that produces detailed three-dimensional views of the retina for general diagnosis or to aid in identifying glaucoma in its earliest stages, the company says. The 55.00D lens magnifies images 1.3x and offers enhanced stereopsis to detect optic disc swelling and cupping.

The company says its construction reduces chromatic aberration for very high-resolution retinal imaging and an anti-reflective coating reduces glare.

Volk Optical

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Optometric Management, Issue: August 2006