Article Date: 9/1/2006

what's new

Briot's Alta edging and drilling system features automatic settings and imaging technology.

Automatic edging/drilling

Briot U.S.A. launches the Alta automatic edging and drilling system this month. The system performs all lens processing steps automatically, including tracing frames with 5-D measurements, reading lens powers and finding the optical center. It also grooves, drills and safety bevels automatically, tilting up to 30� to accommodate high base curves. It can finish all lens types, the company says. New imaging technology allows the Alta to display an image of the uncut rimless lens on its touch-screen, where you can reshape it to meet a patient's requirements.  

The system also features customizable settings that allow the operator to choose the default settings and screen icons that correspond to the types of jobs the practice processes most frequently.

Briot U.S.A.

Phone: (800) 292-7468


Seeing the savings

ABB Optical presents the "Annual Supply Savings Card," a product designed to help optometrists increase their contact lens annual sale supply ratio. Practitioners with ABB accounts can create the 8.5" x 11" two-sided, laminated card on-line for use in patient presentations. This helps them see how much money they can save by purchasing an annual supply. You can choose up to eight soft lens brands and indicate your retail price for each. The card will also display current manufacturer rebates for these lenses and the calculated patient savings. The practice's name is included in the card layout. The cost of two cards is $32.00.

ABB Optical

Phone: (800) 852-8089


Protection for pediatric patients

Kids-Myds feature UVA and UVB protection.

Wilson Ophthalmic introduces post-mydriatic spectacles for children, the Kids-Myds. Designed for children's and smaller frames, the spectacles are available with assorted colored temples or flat slip-ins. The spectacles with colored temple posts offer 96% UVA protection, while the flat slip-in design offers 100% UVA protection; both models offer 100% UVB protection.

Wilson Ophthalmic

Phone: (800) 222-2020


Relief for dry eyes

Thermoeyes features warm and cool settings.

Eye Eco presents Thermoeyes, designed to boost the benefits of Tranquileyes, the company's original hydrating eye treatment for those suffering from chronic dry eyes. The Thermoeyes gel pads contain small, stainless steel discs. You can activate them for a warm or cold treatment, depending on symptoms, and tuck them inside the Tranquileyes goggles underneath the thermopads. Thermoeyes are sold separately, or are available with the Tranquileyes goggles in a Travel Kit. The gel pads are reusable.

Eye Eco Inc.

Phone: (888) 730-7999


Pachymeter update

Micro Medical Device's new PalmScan P2000-E FastPach pachymeter is part of its PalmScan line of portable ultrasonic pachy-meters and biometers. It features a built-in IOP calculator, an exclusive corneal waveform display (A-scan of cornea), 264MHz sampling frequency, high-resolution touch-screen controls and one-touch operation. A rechargeable battery system allows more than 200 patient scans on a single battery charge.

Users can also access other Palm software and load medical software such as Epocrates or Physician's Desk Reference. The pachymeter also comes with ultrasound device, probe, power supply, necessary software and an optional carrying case.

Micro Medical Devices

Phone: (866) 730-0663


Optometric Management, Issue: September 2006