Article Date: 11/1/2006

what's new

Blanchard made the Rose K2 for all irregular cornea applications.

Fitting the irregular cornea

Blanchard's new Rose K2 IC contact lenses feature a standard diameter of 11.2mm, with availability up to 12.0mm, making them suitable for all irregular cornea applications. Additionally, the lenses feature a larger posterior optical zone, which the company says improves performance in low-lighting conditions and an aspheric posterior surface aberration control optic. The manufacturer also says the lens' reverse geometry para-central fitting curves provide better fitting characteristics for difficult lens applications.

Blanchard Contact Lens

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Film debut

International Polarizer, a subsidiary of PPG Industries, has entered the field of optometric testing equipment with its new polarized film for Vectograph slides. The company developed the unstained film through a proprietary adhesion process; it serves as a backdrop for a photographic image that, when added to both sides of the film, creates a polarized picture.

The most recognizable example of this is the "Stereo Fly;" when the patient views the picture of the fly (printed on the Vectograph slide) through polarized lenses, it appears three-dimensional. This helps practitioners evaluate gross and fine depth perception in patients, as well as amblyopia and strabismus. PPG Industries

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Amcom's Dry Eye Test strips are specifically designed for diagnosing TBUT.


Diagnosing dry eye

Amcom Laboratories says its recently launched Dry Eye Test (DET) is the only fluorescein strip specifically designed for the diagnosis of tear film break up time. The company claims to have solved the inaccuracy of traditional fluorescein strips with a much slimmer test strip that delivers only 1 μl of dye fluid to the ocular tear film, thus not compromising it (traditional fluorescein strips typically deliver up to 17 μl of dye fluid into the tear film, which the company says overwhelms the tear film structure). The company reports that patients typically do not feel any sensation when practitioners apply the DET test strip to the bulbar conjunctiva.

Amcom Laboratories

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For the outdoors enthusiast

Wiley X Eyewear introduces the new Climate Control Series, a sunglass collection of six lightweight frames. Each features a removable, durable foam gasket that is symmetrically vented and locks into the ANSI-certified frame to create what the company calls a climatically-controlled cocoon to protect the wearer's eyes. This design is intended to prevent irritation and eyestrain from wind, dust, pollen or other airborne hazards.

The Selenite polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and are treated with a scratch-resistant hardcoat.Wiley X Eyewear

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The MaxEvent glasses help to reduce glare and reflections.

Magnifying glasses

Eschenbach's MaxEvent glasses offer hands-free, head-mounted magnification (2.1x) for low vision patients. The glasses also feature a mirrored coating to eliminate glare and distracting reflections, as well as conceal from observers the "enlarged eyes" appearance the magnification creates on the wearer. They focus on objects from distances of 10 feet to "infinity," the company says, and so are suitable for sporting events, television watching and any other distance viewing.Eschenbach Optik

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Optometric Management, Issue: November 2006