Article Date: 1/1/2007

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Virtually every part of the S-Frame is adjustable, Heine says.

Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope frame

The Sigma 150 S-Frame, from Heine North America, is specifically designed for the company's Sigma 150 Spectacle Mount Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope. The ophthalmoscope weighs 5.5 ounces when placed on the S-Frame, making extended periods of wear tolerable, the company says.

A prescription lens clip-in insert is available if you wear glasses, and, virtually every part of the S-Frame is adjustable, Heine says.

Heine North America

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For cut-to-polish or free-form lens polishing

The Soft Tool Polisher, from Gerber Coburn, enables you and/or your lab technician to perform cut-to-polish or free-form lens polishing with the company's DTL Generator. It also allows you to eliminate hard laps and its associated labor, increasing productivity while reducing your operating and inventory costs, the company says.

You can initially purchase the Soft Polisher as a manual machine and upgrade later to a lap-loading feature and a fully automated version that links the DTL Generator to the polisher via conveyor. If you fabricate a high volume of lenses in your lab, you can connect two polishers to produce a single job simultaneously, Gerber Coburn says.

Gerber Coburn

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Monthly modality lens for astigmatic presbyopes

This lens' soft, low modulus results in a comfortable lens-wearing experience, CooperVision says.

The Proclear Multifocal Toric contact lens (CL), from CooperVision, is a monthly modality CL for astigmatic patients developing presbyopia. The CL is made with the company's PC Hydrogel omafilcon A material, which has a high water affinity that creates a shield of water on the lens surface to preclude deposits from sticking to the CL and enables it to resist dehydration, CooperVision says.

Other features include:

• A soft, low modulus

•A sphere power range from +4.00D to -6.00D in 0.25D steps

• ADD powers of +1.00D, +1.50D, +2.00D and +2.50D

• Cylinder powers of -0.75D, -1.25D, -1.75D and -2.25D

• Base curves of 8.4mm and 8.8mm

• A diameter of 14.4mm

• Axis of 5° to 180° in 5° steps

• Balanced Progressive Technology design, so you can independent-ly adjust either the distance sphere power or ADD power of a maxi-mum of +/-0.50D, giving you more control and flexibility when fitting.


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Free lab client testimonial DVD

Considering how the NIDEK lens finishing automation would fit in your own lab? Then obtain the lab client testimonial DVD from Santinelli International.

The free DVD features live interviews with some of Santinelli International's key wholesale lab own- ners/workers who have been per-forming several jobs a day with the NIDEK device and have seen a return on investment.Santinelli International

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The Pro-Guard Lens case comes with CIBA Vision's Aquify MPS.

Antimicrobial lens case

The Pro-Guard Lens Case, from CIBA Vision, has an antimicrobial agent clinically proven to decrease lens case contamination, the company says.

The case is safe and nontoxic and FDA-approved for use with the company's AQuify MPS and Clear Care contact lens solutions

CIBA Vision

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Optometric Management, Issue: January 2007