Case Scenario

Clinical case studies to learn from  

Do you have a case you’re proud of? One that you’d like to share with your peers? “Case Scenario” is the place to do it! Submit your poignant clinical findings to Optometric Management for a chance to be published in this regularly appearing column. Specifically, send an email to that includes: 
  • Patient (age, race, pertinent health issues)
  • Exam Findings
  • Approach to issue (how did you approach this case? What DX equipment did you use?)
  • Diagnosis
  • Management/Treatment
  • Patient Care Tip
  • Coding
  • Two high-resolution clinical images that aided in the diagnosis/management (include photo credit/caption).
Please note: The submission should not exceed 530 words. 

In addition to being published in Optometric Management, the editors will also select a winner, as measured by the number of visitors to the article, who will be recognized at Optometric Management Symposium in 2020!

Best Case Scenario