WHAT'S NEW: For Your Patients and Practice

What's New
For Your Patients and Practice

Photochromic lenses

Invicta Corporation announced that they've commenced a national launch of their patented Solera line of fashion photochromic eyeglass lenses.

According to company president Alan Yuster, "Our patented process allows for the widest selection of fashion colors for eyeglass lenses that are lighter in color indoors and darker outdoors. They change very quickly from the fashion color indoors to sunglass color outdoors. They remain their true colors throughout the process and include ultraviolet and scratch protection."

The eight Solera colors include blue, teal, rose, yellow, orange, plum, brown and gray.

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The Sun Case Rotary holds 15 pairs of sunglasses.

Sun Case Rotary

Shouldn't upscale sunglasses be viewed in a display that plays up their value? The new Sun Case Rotary from Ennco Display Systems gives 15 pairs of sunglasses their due, on a countertop, encased in a clear acrylic unit with a wooden base that spins. A metal lock protects the frames. According to the company, the Sun Case Rotary is a sophisti-cated and solidly built showcase for the finest sunwear.

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Easyfield upgrade

Oculus has added new features to its Easyfield perimeter.

The Easyfield now lets you create "User Defined" exams. With this feature, you can customize test parameters -- such as area, strategy, speed, fixation method and short-term fluctuation -- for up to four different programs.

Plus, the Easyfield now includes four "Quick Start Programs": screening, standard, macula and glaucoma. These allow you to begin exams rapidly.

A new optional carrying case is also available.

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Glare-cutting lens

At the American Academy of Optometry meeting, Corning introduced a new filter lens.

The CPF 450X GlareCutter lens is a darker version of Corning's CPF 450X. The CPF GlareCutter is a photochromic filter lens. It's for your light-sensitive patients who spend a lot of time outdoors and find that their dark glasses don't provide much comfort.

Patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) have used the CPF 450X GlareCutter lens and the original CPF 450. Corning is currently evaluating the lenses for individuals who are extremely photophobic because of "post-trauma vision syndrome" associated with traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions.

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Magnifier and seminars

Eschenbach has expanded its line of Bright Field stand magnifiers by introducing a new, smaller, lightweight version.

The new 1424 offers 1.8x magnification and is 45 mm in diameter. Like the other magnifiers in the Bright Field line, Eschenbach has designed the 1424 to gather light, thereby creating a brighter image through the lens.

The lens is made of acrylic material, not glass, making it lighter in weight and includes Eschenbach's cera-tec coating.

In other Eschenbach news, the company is hosting an in-depth, hands-on workshop: Dispensing Low Vision Aids. This seminar is for you if you're considering adding low-vision care to your practice.

Upcoming dates and locations include the following:

  • April 25, San Antonio, Texas
  • April 26, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • April 26, Waltham, Mass.
  • May 1, Philadelphia
  • May 2, Mahwah, N.J.
  • May 2, Montgomery, Ala.
  • May 3, Cherry Hill, N.J.
  • May 15, Deerfield, Ill.
  • May 16, Joliet, Ill.
  • May 23, Jackson, Miss.
  • May 30, White River Junction, Vt.

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Computer vision syndrome

CSE, Inc. is offering a diagnostic kit for computer vision syndrome.

The ReSight CVS Diagnostic Kit contains a testing stimulus, display organizer, diagnostic lenses and retractable measuring tape.

A spokesperson for CSE says, "At least 70% of 75 million computer users will need corrective eyeglasses to work comfortably and safely at a computer. Eyecare practices that specialize in treating such patients will be most successful when using the appropriate diagnostic tools."

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New Web site

Rodenstock North America launched a new comprehensive Web site at The site includes sections of specific interest for eyecare professionals, consumers and optical laboratories, as well as a corporate overview.

Subjects included in the content are conditions of the eye, lens designs for various vision correction needs, product availability and sales and promotional materials. Also available throughout the site are links to Rodenstock Canada, Rodenstock Germany and other informative vision-related sites.

A key feature of is a user-friendly database that lets you locate Rodenstock distributors in their states. Another interactive database provides information on industry trade shows, conventions and seminars, searchable by month and year.

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Topcon redesigned

Topcon America has revamped its Web site, Additions to the site include:

  • user-friendly interface for site navigation
  • e-mail directory of Topcon employees
  • complete product literature library, so you can download and print brochures.

The site also offers trade show schedules and a resource of frequently asked questions. In the site's medical section, you'll find links to trade press articles and links to industry Web sites.

And the site still offers up-to-the-minute product information and tech specs for Topcon's medical, survey and industrial products.

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