instrumental strategies: Powerful,Compact Retinal Imaging

Nidek's handheld fundus camera offers comfort and performance.

instrumental strategies
Powerful,Compact Retinal Imaging
Nidek's handheld fundus camera offers comfort and performance.
Gregg Ossip, O.D.

We're all looking for ways to wow our patients. With the cost of square foot rental rates climbing, it's time to examine new ways to provide high tech digital non-mydriatic fundus photography in compact yet powerful handheld modalities. Now there's an answer to our prayers -- just keep reading and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Nidek presents

Nidek introduces its latest model of handheld non-mydriatic fundus camera ­­ the NM-200D. First of all, if you haven't incorporated digital photography into your practice, do it now. Run, don't walk, to your equipment vendor!

The Nidek NM-200D's compact, lightweight body with user-friendly color touch screen display provides more options to treat more patients, more comfortably. The clear 10.4-inch LCD screen offers ease of operation and functionality for image capture, processing, editing, zooming and transmission of image data to the compact flash card. Through USB interface, you can quickly transmit the NM-200D's high-resolution, 1.5 mega pixels to NAVIS or other devices. You can also correct and display its high-quality images, stored as .tiff format, with other applications. And the NM-200D's high-resolution CCD camera requires a much lower flash intensity than 35-mm or Polaroid film type fundus cameras, translating into increased comfort for patients.

Nidek's NM-200D features a compact, lightweight body with a user-friendly color touch screen display.

And that's not all . . .

The NM-200D fundus camera provides a picture angle of 30 degrees and requires a working distance of only 8mm. It can take digital fundus photos with pupils as small as 4mm, compensating for refractive errors from ­15D to +35D with its motorized power focusing. The device has a built-in observation camera as well as the photography camera.

Nidek offers an optional chin rest for the NM-200D, as well as a carrying case with wheels to help with portability; in most cases, the unit is applicable for the ADA tax credit because of the portability.

Doubles as an educational tool

We all know that patient education is an important part of our practice -- we want to inform patients of their options as well as educate them (which in turn increases patient compliance and improves your recall system!).

Unfortunately, we don't always have sufficient time for this important part of eye care. So I'm happy to report that the NM-200D is a great tool with which to teach patients about the health of their eyes. Patients are worried about macular degeneration; in the NM-200D, you'll have a tool with which to show them their own retinas and whether they're healthy.

Why should you buy it?

As our patient population ages, it's crucial to detect fundus eye disease as early as possible. If the patient believes that he understands his condition, much of the fear of corrective measures is removed and his confidence in the optometrist greatly enhanced.

Additionally, the NM-200D's ease of use means that you'll have yourself and your office staff up and running quickly. My bet is that you'll soon use this system for all your patients!

For more information about the NM-200D, contact Nidek at 1-877-656-2847.