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For Your Patients And Practice

The Spec' Spotter keeps glasses handy while protecting them from damage.

Spectacles holder
Spec' Spotter Inc.'s Spec' Spotter is a unisex necklace that holds eyeglasses and keeps them from being damaged while not in use. It features a 2.5-inch triangular-shaped medallion that is curved to fit the contours of the chest area while the bottom of the triangle is tailored to hold glasses of all shapes and styles. Says the company, "Spec' Spotters are perfect for the beach or pool area to keep sunglasses close at hand and not stuck inside swimwear, towels, shoes, etc."

Spec' Spotters are available in brushed gold and brushed pewter finishes. The matching chains come in 24- and 30-inch lengths and feature secure lobster-claw clasps.

Spec' Spotter Inc.
Phone: (866) 773-2776

Direct-order glasses
Optical Dynamic Corp. says it is making it's ATORx and Paradigm lenses available through direct order from its Louisville, Kentucky-based laboratory. The lenses will be made with the same proprietary "Cast-to-Rx" technology used in the company's Q-2100 in-office system. Optical Dynamic is offering practitioners the first day's patients' prescriptions at no charge.

Optical Dynamic Corp.
Phone: (800)587-2743

Keyring Readers are compact and accessible. 

For presbyopes who hate wearing glasses
KeyVision Inc. launched its nSight Keyring Readers at the recent Vision Expo West show. Touted as an "on-the-go" reading aid, they're designed as an alternative to reading glasses. Spectacle-adverse presbyopes can attach the product to keyrings, where they provide a readily accessible solution for short-term reading situations that typically require less than two minutes of sustained reading (i.e., restaurant menus, maps).

"Our product is a compact and stylish reading aid roughly the size of a car alarm remote and it easily folds out of its housing like a Swiss Army knife," says the company. KeyVision filed for patent protection for the device.

KeyVision Inc.
Phone: (410) 715-1460

GUESS?'s Paper Thins frames come in three fashion shapes and eight colors.

New lightweight frames
Viva International Group introduced GUESS? Eyewear's Paper Thins group of spectacle frames. GUESS? characterizes them as "hip and trendy," offering them in square, hexagon and teacup shapes. The Paper Thins are lightweight and accented with the latest fashion plastic color combinations. Viva International reports that they are available at the dispensary price of $44.95.

Viva International Group
Phone: (800) 345-VIVA

Extended range for lenses
Optima Inc. announces a new extended range for Resolution, its polycarbonate lens line. The new range encompasses plano to -8.00 sphere with a -4.00 cylinder and an -8.25 to a -10.00 sphere with a -2.00 cylinder. "Doctors who were reluctant to prescribe polycarbonate for high Rxs now have a new option," Optima says. The extended range will be available in the entire Resolution product line, consisting of AR coated and SR coated tintable and non-tintable lenses.

Optima Inc.
Phone: (800)621-1216