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For Your Patients And Practice

what's new
For Your Patients And Practice

Odyssey attempts to meet the needs of even the smallest puncta.

For petite puncta

Odyssey Medical presents the X-Small Parasol Punctal Occluder, designed to accommodate patients who have unusually small puncta. Odyssey offers the device in a sterile, pre-loaded packaging configuration featuring two sterile occluders preloaded onto disposable insertion instruments.

Odyssey Medical
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Expanded indication

Accu Lens announced that the FDA granted its Eni-Eye Soft K contact lens an indication for post-surgical visual enhancement and correction of irregular astigmatism caused by natural or post surgical conditions. (The FDA had previously approved the Eni-Eye Soft K [xylofilcon A] Soft [hydrophilic] Keratoconus Contact Lens for daily wear.) The Soft K is available in a three-lens diagnostic fitting system.

Accu Lens Inc.
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The AccuPach V uses high-resolution, real-time waveform analysis.

New pachymeter

Accutome introduced its new AccuPach V, a lightweight and portable pachymeter with a monochrome liquid crystal display and touch screen. It uses a 10.5 MHz composite probe and is desktop-, slit lamp- or wall-mountable. The AccuPach V also features a synthesized voice output of each measurement for ease of use and allows entry of measured IOP and provides a corrected IOP based on corneal thickness measurements. It gives a display of measured corneal thickness, entered IOP, corrected IOP and standard and average deviation for all stored measurements. The AccuPach V automatically or manually captures and stores up to nine measurements for each eye; an adjustable handle/stand allows viewing on different angles. The AccuPach V has an optional printer that provides a data printout with the date and time recorded.

Accutome Inc.
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Software makes exams portable

Talia Technology's RTA viewer software allows you to view RTA exams throughout the office network and share them with other practitioners. Load it into any PC and you'll be able to view a patient's reports, redraw the contour line, analyze scans, view slit images, generate new or alternative reports, print reports and images or load 3-D images. Talia says that the RTA software gives the doctor better control of the quality of scans taken in the exam room and eliminates printing unnecessary reports.

Talia Technology
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MaxTV glasses are adaptable to most patients, Eschenbach says.

Enhanced TV viewing

Eschenbach's MaxTV glasses are a binocular, telescopic vision system that allow patients to maximize the size of their TV screens. The hands-free, head-mounted glasses provide 2.1 X magnification and each lens is adjustable. MaxTV focuses on objects from distances 10 feet "to infinity," the company says, making them ideal for any distance-viewing activity. The Galilean lens design provides a wide field of view (20 degrees) and the flexible temples help achieve a comfortable fit. Eschenbach includes a protective case and headstrap with each pair of glasses.

Eschenbach Optik of America
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