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what's new

Specular Microscope

■ The EM-3000, from CBD Ophthalmic/Tomey, is a specular microscope that can also measure the cornea's thickness and take photos of the endothelium. The device includes seven fixation targets to ease peripheral photography of the cornea.

The Em-3000 includes seven fixation targets for peripheral photography of the cornea.

Other features include a color touch screen and an internal computer that automatically analyzes the endothelium cells and displays cell morphology in color images. Finally, the instrument can send data to a photo printer, practice management server or both.
Phone: (888) 449-4045

Limbal-relaxing incision marker

■ The Donnenfeld Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI) Marker, from Accutome, Inc., is a titanium "Dell-style" astigmatism marker for patients who've undergone IOL implantation, but require refractive surgery to maximize their new vision. The device employs the Donnenfeld Nomogram (clock hours) (developed by Eric D. Donnenfeld, M.D.) for marking its incision points. (Accutome has modified the Dell Astigmatism Marker, created by Steven Dell, M.D., to meet the Donnenfeld nomogram).
Accutome, Inc.
Phone: (800) 979-2020

The Donnenfeld LRI is for astigmatic IOL patients.

3-D poster showcasing frame

■ A point-of-purchase 3-D poster that showcases the metal Izod PerformX memory metal collection, from ClearVision Optical, is now available free of charge to all independent optical dispensers who carry this frame line. The poster uses lenticular technology to make the memory metal Izod PerformX-60 frame appear to "flex" at its bridge.

The poster stands 24" tall and 36" wide, contains two easels on its back so you can stand it up and holes in its top corners for hanging in a window or from your ceiling.
ClearVision Optical
Phone: (800) 645-3733

Bilingual education course

■ Dispensing to Your Hispanic Patients, from Transitions Optical, Inc., is a free, 20-minute bilingual (English and Spanish) education course. It's available on DVD or in print for Spanish opticians interested in better communicating the benefits of Transitions lenses to their English-speaking patients and English-speaking opticians interested in growing their Hispanic customer base or improving their relationships with current Hispanic patients.
Transitions Optical
Phone: (800) 848-1506

Coach frames

■ The Coach styles Joelle and Blossom are a woman's sun and regular frame, respectively, from Marchon.

The Joelle sun style is made of translucent zyl plastic, has an oversized soft rectangle shape and features the Coach signature "C" pattern, a solid zyl stripe and the Coach logo plaque. Colors include translucent sand (a beige), translucent blush (a pink), black and tortoise.

Joelle and Blossom are a women's sun and regular frame, respectively.

The Blossom frame style is made of zyl, has a soft, small rectangle shape and features a sprinkling of Coach grommets embedded with Swarovski crystals. Colors include black, brown, tortoise and bottle (dark green).
Marchon Eyewear
Phone: (800) 645-1300