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what’s new



▪ The Me 900 Edger, from Santinelli International, is a “streamlined, simplified and more economical” version of the company’s Me 1200 multifunction edger, the company says. Specifically, it features 3D drilling and grooving, a shape editor, safety beveling, a graphic design color display and jog-dial for ease of use and a Radius Measurement Unit (RMU), which measures the lens’ radius for correct cut-out and orients the lens for fast processing speed.

The Me 900 Edger features 3D drilling and grooving, a shape editor and safety beveling, among other attributes.

The device is available with the optional Click Mode software for processing the Chemistrie Magnetic Layered Lens System.

Santinelli International

Phone: (800) 644-3343


Ophthalmoscope camera

▪ The EyeQuick digital ophthalmoscope camera, from EyeQuick LLC, enables retinal pathology and anterior segment documentation via photos or video in any setting and on any patient, the company says. These images or videos then appear on the device’s built-in LCD screen. In addition, you can export the images via EyeQuick’s USB port to e-mail them to colleagues, store in your EHR or image management software or print them. The device weighs 13 ounces, and is 9 inches tall. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a metal carrying case.

EyeQuick, LLC


Phone: (800) 596-8335

The EyeQuick digital ophthalmoscope camera acquires photos or video of pathology in the retina and anterior segment.

Optical furniture

▪ The Impressions Collection, from Fashion Optical Displays, are modular wall displays that feature horizontal- and vertical-framed display back panels, graphic display panels and mirrors. You can place the custom-built panels in a variety of configurations, and interchange mirrors with any frame panel, the company says. Also, each panel is comprised of a stable three-point Concord frame support system and is available in brushed stainless, aged pewter, rosewood and walnut styles.

Fashion Optical

Phone: (800) 824-4106


The Impressions Collection features modular wall displays with horizontal- and vertical-framed display back panels, graphic display panels and mirrors.

Contact lens

▪ The 1-Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism daily disposable lens, from Vistakon, features a proprietary Blink Stabilized Design. Also, the lens contains Lacreon technology, which embeds a water-holding ingredient into its etafilcon A material for comfort. Other attributes: a DK/t of 23.7 (boundary- and edge-corrected) an 8.5mm base curve, a 14.5mm diameter, 12 axes, four cylinders and distance parameters of +4.00D to -9.00D. The lens blocks 82% of UV-A radiation and 97% of UV-B radiation.


Phone: (800) 843-2020


product notes

• Santinelli International and Eye-navision, owner of the Chemistrie lens-layering system, have extended their business agreement for another two years. The companies partnered in 2010 to create the Click Mode lens edger software and accompanying retail “Success Click Kit.”

Nidek has granted Marco exclusive rights to sell its AFC-Non-mydriatic retinal camera to the optometry market. NIDEK is currently pursuing FDA clearance for this camera. Joint distribution of the product will start once the FDA has given NIDEK the thumbs up.