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Portable lamp

■ The PSL One portable slit lamp, from Keeler, features one standard magnification of 10x with illumination control down to zero. The lamp has a lightweight design for use on pediatric, elderly, obese and disabled patients in on- or off-site clinics, the company says. PSL One features slit and wheels from 0.15 mm to 1.6 mm, a 12mm circle and a 1mm square to produce anterior chamber flare, aiding the diagnosis of uveitis.
Phone: (800) 523-5620

The PSL One features one standard magnification of 10x with illumination control down to zero.

EyeXam app

■ Global EyeVentures and Eyefinity partnered to develop the next generation of the EyeXam mobile and Web platform. The self-guided vision screening app provides an enhanced doctor directory designed to promote eyecare and connect users with eyecare professionals. The new version offers a number of features for consumers seeking eyecare, including a GPS-based doctor locator.

Subscribing doctors receive management tools, including appointment scheduling, real-time chat with the practice, and sharing information on Facebook. They also receive an inbox to manage patient communications, and a dashboard to monitor app activity and connect with app users. With bi-directional communication, doctors can send reminders and targeted messages directly to patients, and receive responses back.
Global EyeVentures
Phone: (408) 528-7100


■ The CL-300 Computerized Lensmeter, from Topcon Medical Systems, offers a touch screen panel and a UV-transmittance measurement function, which provides measurement results for eyeglasses and sunglasses in the range of 0-to-100%. The CL-300 also features automatic detection for single and progressive lenses and incorporates a green-light reading beam, which enhances lens measurement precision, the company says.
Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.
Phone: (800) 223-1130

The CL 300 features a touch screen panel and UV transmittance measurement function.

Blocking pads

■ New 3M LEAP LSE (Low Surface Energy) Finish Blocking Pads, from Santinelli International, are designed to improve the edging quality of today's hydrophobic, low-surface energy-coated lenses, the company says. The pads eliminate the need for intermediate film, which streamlines the blocking, the company says.
Santinelli International
Phone: (800) 644-3343

The 3M LEAP LSE Finish Blocking Pads are available in five types of - varying sizes and shapes.

product notes
Demandforce, an e-mail communication, text messaging and online service from Demandforce Inc., introduced new features, including unlimited customized and segmented emails, unlimited image uploads and expanded connections to include City-search, Insiderpages, and Bing.
Eyemaginations has collaborated with Steven Dell, M.D., on a video that discusses premium IOL options. Topics include combining accommodating and multifocal IOLs, post-operative expectations and insurance coverage. The new content is available in the latest software release of LUMA v1.9.