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what’s new

Athletic frames

▪ Indyo and DNA Carbon, from Rudy Project, are two of the company’s sports performance frames that are also intended for everyday wear. The Indyo includes removable optical direct clips and an adjustable optical nose piece. DNA Carbon, available in full, half and rimless models, features a beta titanium chassis, compression mounts (rimless models) and carbon/AluTech fiber inserts. Both frames offer 360° adjustable temple tips. The company offers a lifetime replacement lens guarantee.

Rudy Project

Phone: (888) 860-7597 x551



DNA Carbon frames are available in full, half and rimless models.


▪ The Octopus 600 perimeter, from Haag-Streit USA, detects and monitors progression of glaucoma. The device combines white-on-white perimetry with Pulsar, its patented flicker stimulus, for early glaucoma detection. Also, the Octopus 600 features large trial lenses, built-in correction for presbyopia and a reconfigured response button designed for patient comfort, the company says. Users can operate the perimeter, either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a network, by touchscreen or through a keyboard or mouse.

Haag-Streit USA

Phone: (877) 628-1335



The Octopus 600 perimeter detects glaucoma and monitors its progression.

Ocular hygiene products

▪ Ilast ocular care products, from Paragon BioTeck, Inc., are designed to support the health of the eye and surrounding tissue. The lid care and ocular hygiene products are preservative-free to stop irritation to the skin around the eye caused by allergenic and cytotoxic properties. The Ilast line is manufactured using the company’s Epi-free Technology, a process involving low-temperature sterilization to maximize active ingredient effectiveness and maintain its microbiological integrity, the company says.

Paragon BioTeck, Inc.

Phone: (888) 424-1192


Contact lenses

▪ Biofinity XR contact lenses, from CooperVision, Inc., expands the company’s silicone hydrogel (comfilcon A) lens’ range of sphere powers. The lenses are available in powers from +8.50D to +15.00D (0.50D steps) and -12.50D to -20.00D (0.50D steps), allowing practitioners to fit patients who have significant hyperopia or myopia. Biofinity XR contact lenses utilize the company’s Aqua-form technology, which balances high oxygen permeability, high water content, a naturally wettable material and optimum modulus, the company says.

CooperVision, Inc.

Phone: (800) 341-2020



Biofinity XR contact lenses now fit patients who have significant hyperopia or myopia.

product notes
• Eschenbach’s Eclipse Touch Scholar II dual-camera desktop video magnifier now features a distance camera. The external camera is used to view distant objects and includes a mounting system to stay in place without the need for screws. The device offers 1.5x to 32x magnification (optical zoom up to 10x) and rotates for a near-360° field of view.

• Konan Medical USA, Inc., completed an agreement with Chart2020 to develop, market and distribute the visual software globally. The Chart2020 platform tests acuity and ocular performance. Users can utilize iPads to control the software through the Chart2020 Duo app and administer its guided, self-scoring tests, such as ColorDx, Konan’s color vision testing software.