Spectacle Focus: Shamir’s Computer and Work-Space lenses

New Lenses for Computer Use

spectacle focus

New Lenses for Computer Use

Shamir offers two options.


About 80% of the patients in my practice use a computer for an extended period of time each day, especially during work hours. As a result, I’ve focused on computer vision in my practice for many years, previously offering Shamir’s Office lens.

When I learned of the company’s Computer and WorkSpace lenses, I ordered a pair for myself, and I was convinced they would satisfy my patients’ needs.

Here, I explain why and the practice benefits of offering these lenses.


Shamir’s Computer and WorkSpace lenses offer a smooth visual transition from one area to the other, as well as a wide area for reading and computer use. Both lenses offer solutions for problems stemming from heavy computer use, such as eye irritation, dry eyes, fatigue, headaches, backaches and muscle spasms.

The Computer lens is designed for those who work in front of a screen in a cubicle but don’t have any distance vision tasks, especially patients who use dual monitors, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Specifically, the lens provides good vision for close tasks with an optimal depth field of up to 5 feet.

The Shamir WorkSpace lens is for those who work at a computer and need to see at a distance. The lens provides vision for near tasks along with mid-distance viewing at the top of the lens with a depth field of 10 feet.

Some common instances mid-distance tasks for those working at a computer might be looking from a computer to greet someone or leaving a desk to retrieve a document from the printer. The ability to see at mid-distance along with near tasks allows patients to wear their WorkSpace lenses in an office all day.

Both lenses cover a wide range of prescriptions with reading powers of -6.00D to +8.00D.

Selling points

Patients whom I have fit with the Computer or WorkSpace lenses have reported feeling less fatigued at the end of the day because their eyes are no longer working as hard as they once did while using a computer. A few months ago, I fit a patient in the WorkSpace lens who told me she felt her face, neck and shoulders relax when putting on the lenses. Also, she reports her eyes are less tired in the evening, which has allowed her to read for pleasure after work.

The depth of field for Shamir’s Computer (left) and WorkSpace lenses. Both are designed for patients who use computers for an extended period.

I’ve found it easier to fit patients in the Computer lens compared with its predecessor, the Office lens. Figuring out the dynamic power with the Office lens was tricky for some people, but I have found this to be easy and straightforward with the Computer lens.

Practice benefits

I have received a number of referrals from pleased patients who tell their co-workers about the benefits of their Computer and WorkSpace lenses. Word-of-mouth has been our biggest marketing tool, and that includes talking to current patients. My staff is knowledgeable about the lenses’ benefits, so they can discuss them in the exam room.

Although most insurance companies do not currently cover these lenses, patients have been willing to pay out-of-pocket for them. Once we explain the lenses’ benefits, they understand the need for a solution to their computer-based visual and non-visual problems.

All in all, I have found Shamir’s Computer and WorkSpace lenses easy to fit, and my patients are extremely grateful that I introduced them to the lenses. OM