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what’s new


Auto refractor

■ The KR-800S Auto Kerato-Refractometer, from Topcon Medical Systems, Inc., provides subjective and glare testing. The new five-in-one instrument features a compact and user-friendly design, an 8.5-inch color touchscreen display and auto-refraction technology, incorporating Topcon’s rotary prism technology for accurate and consistent measurements, company representatives note.

Topcon Medical Systems’s KR-800S Auto Kerato-Refractometer

The KR-800S also features a visual acuity check for near and far distance, a contrast sensitivity test, a grid test and glare testing, which can be utilized to assess a patient’s visual acuity under glare conditions.

Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.
Phone: (201) 599-5100

Mobile app

■ CooperVision’s new mobile app, CooperVision, provides U.S. consumers with access to useful contact lens information and tools, including eye health information, a doctor locator and an alert function to remind patients when it’s time to replace their lenses. The app also features a lifestyle questionnaire to help users narrow down ideal lens options. The app is available, free of charge, on mobile iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded at the Apple store or Google Play.

Phone: (800) 341-2020

Glaucoma and cataract treatment

■ Optimis Fusion, from Quantel Medical, is an FDA 510(k)-cleared integrated laser platform system that combines advanced selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) photoregeneration therapy and traditional YAG photodisruption treatments designed to treat both cataract and glaucoma.

Fusion’s SLT mode delivers gentle, short, fixed pulses over a large, homogenous spot size, resulting in no thermal damage. According to company representatives, this gentle delivery and lack of permanent destruction to the trabecular meshwork leaves structures intact, making it a repeatable procedure. The YAG mode allows for precise laser delivery at minimum energy levels, avoiding adverse side effects such as lens pitting.

Quantel Medical
Phone: (877) 782-6835

Quantel Medical’s FDA 510(k)-cleared Optimis Fusion

Loyalty program

■ eTrove, from Vertical Motion, is a new mobile customer loyalty app designed for the optical market. eTrove is a two-way loyalty program with social network integration, referral platforms, and consistent brand presence to help optometrists increase patient engagement and loyalty.

Phone: (888) 815-4365

eTrove is a new customer loyalty app for optometrists

product notes

Santinelli International has expanded its new catalog supplement to include more than 20 new products within its optical tools and supplies portfolio. The new supplement is available upon request (e-mail, and an electronic version can be accessed via the company’s website (

ArchCrown has introduced new multi-color thermal transfer computer tags for color coding. Made from high-gloss, poly-lam material, the tags withstand solution cleaning without text or bar code rub off. The tags are available in five styles and in six colors. Call (800) 526-8353 for more information.