Understand these archetypes to manage better

Managing employees is an art unto itself, as each is unique with different personalities, motivations and needs. Most will fall under four basic personality types: controller, announcer, intellect and insider. Learn how to recognize these personality traits (for help, see “Characteristics,” below) and then tailor how you manage each individual.


These employees live in the fast lane and make decisions quickly and spontaneously. They abhor procrastination.

Management needs: Autonomy, quick decisions, professionalism, opportunities to lead projects or people, fast-paced environments, innovation, competitions, control and recognition. Also, they are quick to complete tasks, so be ready with more.


These employees are the happy-go-lucky party people. They like everything to be fun and lively. They hate boredom and love to be super busy.

Management needs: Applause, fun environments, parties, celebrations, busy schedules, opportunities to organize events, motivational talks, inspiration and recognition.


These employees live in the slow lane. They make measured and deliberate decisions. They hate spontaneity.

Management needs: Facts, figures, logic, reasoning for tasks, organization and perfection from everyone around them. They are the most thorough at what they do, so give them tasks that require detail and accuracy. They thrive in an organized, structured environment with rules and polices.


These employees like things to go at an even pace with time to build relationships. They don’t like to be rushed or pushed into anything.

Management needs: Relationships, calm environments, family friendly conversations, opportunities to talk and listen, appreciation, feelings of a safe, stable workplace and a relaxed atmosphere with little change or anxiety.


Review the characteristics chart with certain employees in mind. Then, tailor conversations around what they need from you. You may be surprised at the results. OM