AAO Exhibit Floor Preview

Nov. 7 to 10 2018 • Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio

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ABOUT 5,000 OPTOMETRISTS will gather in San Antonio for the American Academy of Optometry 2018 meeting. The meeting offers more than 250 hours of CE and an exhibit hall full of companies, whose representatives are eager to meet and discuss your practice needs. Exhibit hall hours occur Nov. 7, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Nov. 8, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Nov. 9, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

To help plan, OM presents a selected listing of exhibitors on the following pages.


Akorn Pharmaceuticals

Akorn Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to supporting optometrists through its growing line of ocular health products. Visit at the AAOpt, Booth # 942.
BOOTH #942 •


As a global leader in eye care, Alcon offers a broad portfolio of products to enhance sight and improve people’s lives. Our purpose is reimagining eye care, and we do this through innovative products, partnerships with eye care professionals and programs that enhance access to quality eye care.
BOOTH #1331 •


Allergan has dedicated 70 years to advancing eye care, launching 125 products for prevalent eye conditions. We are committed to helping ECPs deliver superior patient care through R&D, outreach programs and educational support. Experience our latest innovations, TrueTear and REFRESH Repair, at booth #1342.
BOOTH #1342 •

Bausch + Lomb Specialty Vision Products

The Bausch + Lomb Specialty Vision Products division is dedicated to delivering products, education and training for eye care professionals in the customized contact lens space.
BOOTH #1843 •


Bio-Tissue is an industry leader in regenerative medicine. From its inception, it has focused on introducing game-changing technology to advance standards of care in ocular surface therapy. Bio-Tissue respects the sophistication of the ocular surface, which is why the company remains dedicated to understanding the eye’s biology.
BOOTH #1518 •

Blanchard Contact Lenses

Come talk to Blanchard about the fully customizable Onefit MED advanced scleral lens design. You control the design and fit to create the ideal lens for highly irregular/medically indicated corneas, including a wide range of ectasias – moderate to severe, and for healthy corneas when a larger diameter is needed.
BOOTH #2036 •


BlephEx is committed to delivering transformative solutions to dry eye treatment. Its flagship product, BlephEx, is the only treatment solution that effectively, safely and easily removes bacterial biofilm from eye lids and improves TBUT 60% to 66%.
BOOTH #337 •


Daily use of the Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress, followed by gentle lid cleansing with the Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Sheets, helps your patients maintain healthy eyelids and relieves dry eyes. Perfect for your practice. Perfect for your patient.
BOOTH #1903 • .

Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.

ZEISS offers complete solutions to diagnose, manage and treat ophthalmic disease. The comprehensive ZEISS portfolio is designed to meet the demands of eye care professionals in glaucoma, retina, comprehensive, cataract and refractive specialties.
BOOTH #1918 •

Clear Eyes

Clear Eyes is a leading brand of eye drops. The brand offers a wide range of eye drops to relieve eye irritation, including Pure Relief, a preservative-free multi-dose eye drop available OTC at U.S. retail outlets.
BOOTH #1928 •

Cliara LLC

Cliara Chio is an easy way to apply and remove contact lenses. The innovative ergonomic design applies all soft, hybrid and GP lenses. Removes all GP lenses. Unique quick-release mechanism if lens is adhered to eye.
BOOTH #1855 •

Coburn Technologies

Coburn Technologies is a global provider of computer-integrated ophthalmic lens processing systems and instruments. It designs and manufactures equipment and supplies used for finishing lenses to fit into patient frames, as well as provides diagnostic equipment to better serve ECPs.
BOOTH #1522 •

Compulink Healthcare Solutions

Eye care’s business partner for 33 years, Compulink is a recognized leader in ONC-certified EHR and practice management systems for optometry. Used by many O.D.s and 17 colleges of optometry, we offer a complete and well supported solution for EHR, practice management, optical, patient engagement, RCM and more.
BOOTH #1829 •


CooperVision, with a broad 1-day silicone hydrogel portfolio, is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of monthly, two-week and 1-day contact lenses, and offers innovative products featuring advanced materials and optics in over 100 countries.
BOOTH #1635 •

DGH Technology

DGH Technology is a leading ophthalmic ultrasound diagnostic equipment manufacturer, in business for about four decades. DGH presently manufactures pachymeters, A-scans, B-scans and recently launched a UBM.
BOOTH #2043 •

Enhanced Medical Services

Enhanced Medical Services (EMS) provides comprehensive eye care equipment solutions, including new and pre-owned diagnostic and lane equipment, as well as maintenance and repair services. Visit booth 4257 for special AAO pricing discounts.
BOOTH #4257 •

Eschenbach Optik

Eschenbach is a leading manufacturer of video and optical magnification solutions that help everyone from middle-aged presbyopes to seniors with vision loss. Its territory managers provide in-office training to ensure successful patient outcomes and financial rewards for the practice.
BOOTH #1634 •

Essilor Instruments

Essilor Instruments is a worldwide leader in the development of modern solutions and technologies for eye care professionals, providing an extensive range of equipment in categories, such as finishing, refraction, diagnostics, vision screening and dispensing measurement devices.
BOOTH #1055 •

Eye Care Leaders

Join Eye Care Leaders to discover the top solutions for optometrists to increase clinical efficiency and staff productivity. See its intuitive tools in action, including a certified EHR, optical point-of-sale, PM, inventory management, promotions and marketing, insurance management and more.
BOOTH #4308 •


EyePromise provides expertise in eye health and nutrition science, delivering unmatched products and services. It offers an extensive line of ocular nutraceuticals covering a range of patient needs, the QuantifEye macular pigment optical density measurement instrument and online and in-practice support partnerships.
BOOTH #1948 •

Fashion Optical

Fashion Optical Displays is an industry leader in the creation and renovation of the highest quality dispensing environments nationwide. Whether you need to add a single display to your space or you would like to work with us to plan, design, furnish and accessorize your dispensary, Fashion Optical Displays has it all.
BOOTH #165 •


GlobeChek is a global tele-health corporation that utilizes its one-of-a-kind globe-shaped kiosk to complete comprehensive eye screenings in a matter of minutes. GlobeChek will detect eye and systemic disease and refer to a broad international network of eye care professionals.
BOOTH #935 •

Haag-Streit USA

For 160 years, Haag-Streit has led the way in technology for optometrists. Its slit lamps, Octopus perimeters and Reliance chairs and stands set the standard for precision, efficiency and accuracy, giving physicians the tools to provide the best patient care.
BOOTH #2127 •

Heidelberg Engineering

Heidelberg Engineering is a high-tech imaging solutions company that designs, manufactures and distributes diagnostic instruments for eye care. Core technologies include confocal microscopy, scanning lasers and optics, optical coherence tomography, software image analysis and IT solutions for image management.
BOOTH #947 •


HEINE products are quality made in Germany. The HEINE OMEGA 500 BIO offers adjustments and flexibility not available in any other instrument, and utilizes the most durable materials to provide you with the performance, reliability and quality optics you demand.
BOOTH #1935 •

Hoya Vision Care

Hoya is pleased to announce the addition of two revolutionary products to their portfolio — iD LifeStyle 3 and Array 2. Both of these innovative new progressive lens designs incorporate Hoya’s patented Binocular Harmonization Technology. Stop by the booth at AAO to learn more.
BOOTH #2249 •

Icare USA

Icare USA is a medical technology company that manufactures tonometers. The advanced Icare product line offers objective, repeatable accuracy in measuring IOP at home or in the clinic. These innovative devices use rebound technology for quick, painless measurements without anesthetic or air.
BOOTH #1524 •


Compounded preservative-free Klarity: Chondroitin Sulfate Ophthalmic Solution, and Klarity-C: Cyclosporine 0.1%/Chondroitin Sulfate Ophthalmic Emulsion, are now available from our FDA-registered 503B. No more prior authorizations, ineligible coupons and pharmacy call backs.
BOOTH #1646 •

Johnson & Johnson Vision

Johnson & Johnson Vision has a bold ambition: to change the trajectory of eye health worldwide. It delivers innovation for unmet needs, including refractive error, cataracts and dry eye, to help people see better, connect better and live better.
BOOTH #1742 •

LKC Technologies, Inc

LKC is focused on bringing innovative visual electrophysiology systems to market for 42 years. LKC is transforming the accessibility of visual electrophysiology. From the UTAS system to the hand-held RETeval device, LKC is committed to developing innovative products that assist in the preservation and treatment of sight.
BOOTH #3204 •

Lombart Instrument

Lombart is committed to meeting the full range of ophthalmic needs of our clients through customized solutions and dedicated partnerships. Visit our booth to learn more about our broad range of services. When you think ophthalmic instruments, think Lombart.
BOOTH #1726 •

Luneau Technology

Luneau Technology USA is featuring the Visionix VX130 multi-function anterior segment analyzer, VX40 lens analyzer, VX55 digital phoropter as well as the new Briot Emotion 2 edging system. Join us at AAO booth 2119 to discuss all your equipment needs.
BOOTH #2119 •

M&S Technologies

M&S Technologies is a software development company dedicated to bringing the best products in the industry to eye-care professionals worldwide. Its Smart System is a sleek, high-tech enhancement to your practice that is optimized with a variety of fully randomizable charts, contrast sensitivity and multimedia functions.
BOOTH #1543 •


MacuHealth takes pride revolutionizing research behind meso-zeaxanthin and its role in preserving and improving visual function. Peer-reviewed publications demonstrate the formula’s efficacy, bioavailability and safety. With a passion for protecting eyesight, MacuHealth is at the forefront of preventative treatments.
BOOTH #1155 •


Neurolenses are prescription lenses that add a contoured prism to bring the eyes into alignment, relieving the symptoms that many people experience when using digital devices or doing detail work.
BOOTH #919 •

NextGen Healthcare

At booth 3903, learn more about NextGen Healthcare’s fully integrated, scalable solution that covers all aspects of vision care. With the vendor-agnostic solution, you can map directly to the IRIS Registry, document the way you want, and utilize its Certified Ophthalmic RCM billing team for all your financial needs.
BOOTH #3903 •


NIDEK specializes in diagnostic equipment and surgical lasers, in order to help brilliant doctors build fiscally impactful practices in the field of eye care. As with all of its products, NIDEK diagnostic products are backed by the company’s professional customer-support team.
BOOTH #1623 •

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals

Avenova is the only pure hypochlorous acid product currently on the market specifically targeting daily lid and lash hygiene. Hypochlorous acid kills microorganisms, neutralizes bacterial inflammatory toxins, suppresses inflammatory mediators and penetrates biofilm. Avenova is only available by prescription.
BOOTH #150 •

Oculus USA

OCULUS has been setting milestones in the eye care industry since 1895. Our range of products include the Pentacam, perimeters, topographers, pachymeters, autorefractors, keratometers, etc. Come see the new Pentacam AXL with axial length measurement and built-in IOL calculation formulas!
BOOTH #1235 •

Optos, Inc.

Optos delivers comprehensive retinal imaging devices and evaluation tools to eyecare professionals. With the support of 500 peer-reviewed clinical studies, Optomap is the only clinically validated, ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology in the industry.
BOOTH #1835 •


Propel Your Practice Forward with PECAA. Whether an established or new practice, PECAA is your resource delivering customized tools, business advice, marketing support, education, vendor relationships and peer-to-peer camaraderie to fuel practice success.
BOOTH #936 •

Pine Pharmaceuticals

Pine Pharmaceuticals is an FDA-registered, 503B outsourcing facility specializing in ophthalmic preparations for both surgery centers and in-office use. It offers combination ophthalmic drops, ready-to-use antibiotics, ophthalmic injectables, prefilled anti-VEGF syringes, Brilliant Blue G and more.
BOOTH #307 •


Quidel’s eye health solutions, InflammaDry and AdenoPlus, are rapid, lateral-flow based, point-of-care, CLIA-waived products for the detection of infectious and inflammatory eye diseases. InflammaDry detects elevated levels of MMP-9 for dry eye. AdenoPlus diagnoses adenoviral acute conjunctivitis.
BOOTH #932 •

Reichert Technologies

Reichert, of Buffalo, N.Y., has been passionate about American innovation in eye care diagnostics for 150 years. Reichert shares your passion for patient experience with the digital Phoroptor VRx and ClearChart and improving glaucoma care with the Ocular Response Analyzer, featuring corneal hysteresis.
BOOTH #1720 •

ScienceBased Health

Learn about ScienceBased Health’s (excellence since 1997) evidence-based nutraceuticals and practice-building programs. Products include HydroEye, clinically tested dry eye relief (Cornea, 2013); clinically tested Optic Nerve Formula (ACTA Ophthalmol, 2017); AREDS-based formulations and more. OFFER: RECEIVE A FREE 60-DAY SUPPLY OF HYDROEYE!
BOOTH #1545 •


Shire is a global biotechnology leader serving patients with rare diseases and specialized conditions. It seeks to push boundaries through discovering and delivering new possibilities for patient communities across our portfolio of therapeutic areas: immunology, hematology, genetic diseases, internal medicine, ophthalmics, oncology and neuropsychiatry disorders.
BOOTH #1921 •

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc.

Sun Ophthalmics takes a passionate, unique approach in providing innovative eye care products that utilize cutting-edge technology. As part of the company’s commitment, it strives to provide high-quality customer service that gives patients a superior level of eye care.
BOOTH #719


SynergEyes is an advanced-technology contact lens company providing a complete continuum of specialty contact lens products. Brands include Duette hybrid lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia, UltraHealth hybrid and SynergEyes VS scleral lenses for irregular corneas, and SimplifEyes daily disposable lenses.
BOOTH #2049 •

Topcon Medical Systems

At Academy 2018, Topcon will present an array of innovative products and software solutions, including the Maestro Fully Automated OCT, the new Harmony data management application, and its CV-5000S Automated Phoropter, now with built-in M&S software. Stop by Booth 1255 to learn more.
BOOTH #1255 • ;

TruForm Optics

DigiForm Scleral is FDA approved for ocular surface and dry eye disease management, when manufactured in Optimum material. DigiForm lenses have etched markings of the base curve, sag, and fitting scale – enabling precise fluorescein evaluation. Ask about our show special.
BOOTH #1642 •

Try Not To Blink

This is a fun new optometry podcast hosted by Dr. James Deom and Dr. Roya Habibi. Try Not To Blink will be recording new episodes and live streaming them from its booth with several special guests. Stop by and join the fun!
BOOTH #1657 •

Valley Contax

Valley Contax will be highlighting its versatile FDA-cleared scleral lens, the Custom Stable, and its unique features, like quadrant-specific adjustments and edge vault. We’ll also be hosting the Custom Stable Challenge so attendees can try fitting this lens themselves.
BOOTH #1619 •

VMax Vision

Utilizing a PSF target, Vmax’s PSF Refractors can refine to 0.05D, providing reliable and repeatable final prescriptions. The Perfectus and VASR combine wavefront autorefraction with subjective PSF refraction, allowing for faster training and shorter exam times in a compact design.
BOOTH #1627 •

Williams Group

Williams Group is a leading North American business consulting and practice management firm. Its mission is to help independent optometrists achieve prosperity through meaningful, patient-centered practices. Founded in 1983, Williams Group has helped over 5,000 clients.
BOOTH #2243 •

X-Cel Specialty Contacts

X-Cel markets specialty disposable, custom soft, scleral and corneal contact lenses. With X-Cel, color is back for astigmatic patients with its new TORIColors disposable lenses! Be sure to ask about Extreme H2O XRP, X-Cel’s new extended range toric with a shipping guarantee of five days. We hope to see you soon!
BOOTH #2146 • OM