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Social Media Toolkit

These resources can help boost your online presence

Use Your Resources

Did you know government agencies, such as the CDC, provide social content that you can use on your social media platforms? For example, the CDC created graphics and videos targeted at college-age contact lens-wearing adults likely to have been on spring break mid-March. They are available for download on its website at .

Bookmark this page for when the CDC will provide a wealth of content again, which is Contact Lens Health Week in August.

Note that there are also less timely information graphics. So, if you missed the opportunity for spring break, consider visiting the site anyway.

Facebook Live

→ Live videos can also be used on Instagram!

HAVE YOU GIVEN FACEBOOK LIVE A CHANCE YET? If not, consider that companies, such as Sprout Social, encourage their clients to include video content to increase visibility. (See Dr. Justin Bazan’s article “Facebook Zero” on social media algorithms: .) So, this month, give it a try! They don’t have to be long. In fact, your average follower will watch about 10 seconds. Here are some ideas:

1. Answer a common question. Think of questions you often answer for patients, or check out from the Kellogg Eye Center at University of Michigan, which lists frequently asked eye care questions.

2. Tour of the office. Pick a section, the optical, reception, pre-test, etc., and give a brief explanation of what it is and when the patient may find herself in it at your office.

Awareness Month

PREVENT BLINDNESS’S April awareness month is for Women’s Eye Health and Safety. Share facts about women’s eye health with the call to action to schedule an annual exam. Some examples: “Moms, as you cross your child’s health care visits off your to-do list, don’t forget about you. Schedule your annual eye exam today.” “Women are statistically more likely to experience vision loss due to eye disease. Annual eye exams are the best way to ensure healthy vision. Schedule yours today.”

  1. Women are more at risk for vision loss from eye diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma and AMD.
  2. Pregnancy can cause vision changes, including refraction differences, dry eyes and puffy eyelids.
  3. A healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise while abstaining from behaviors, such as smoking, keeps eyes healthy.

— Prevent Blindness


Hashtags in April

→ Use hashtags to connect online with those who share a common interest.

#NationalSiblingDay, April 10

Did you know nearsightedness, farsightedness and color deficiency all are eye issues with genetic links? This means that you and your siblings can all have vastly different visual acuities.

#NationalPetDay, April 11

Who doesn’t love pictures of dogs, cats, etc.? Take a photo of your furry friend or, perhaps, fashion a collage of your employee’s pets. Invite your patients, and ask them to tag you in their #NationalPetDay photos.

#EarthDay, April 22

Share with your patients any efforts you have at the office to recycle.

All corresponding images are available to download and use for free.