LEADING OFF: Also Notable

Also Notable

  • The public appears to support optometric scope of practice expansion, according to “Optometry’s Essential and Expanding Role in Health Care: Assured Quality and Greater Access for Healthier Communities,” a report by Avalon Health Economics. According to the report, a total of 91% of Americans say they support laws that allow optometrists to practice to their full skill set. In addition, 80% say they’d prefer easy access to an optometrist for eye care, vs. traveling farther or waiting to see a specialist. The report (see for a summary) also reveals health care savings associated with scope-of-practice expansion.
  • ABB OPTICAL GROUP has named Tom Calhoun senior vice president of operations. In related news, The company’s products have been integrated with RevolutionEHR’s SmartFlow For Sight ordering technology, which automates the product ordering process for eye care practitioners.
  • CareCredit has joined forces with GLIMPSE, a division of ABB OPTICAL GROUP to provide an “Independent Optometry Key Performance Metrics Trend Report” for eye care professionals. The report details industry benchmarks, and other data O.D.s can use to better evaluate their practice performance. Access the report at .
  • The Dry Eye Doctor, Inc. is a new company that specializes in eyelid hygiene and offers products for blepharitis, dry eye disease, meibomian gland dysfunction and styes. See .
  • IDOC will now offer unlimited access to business analytics and reporting as a complimentary benefit to members who have GPN Technologies-compatible practice management systems.
  • Maryland legislature passed, and the governor signed into law, bill 741, expanding O.D. scope of practice. See
  • OCuSOFT has acquired the intellectual property portfolio of Digital Heat Corp., a science and technology-based company whose portfolio includes an eyelid warming device, which will be marketed as OCuSOFT Thermal 1-Touch. In related news, the company recently introduced OCuSOFT LID SCRUB ALLERGY Eyelid Cleanser to remove debris and contaminants from the lids, while using green tea extract, tea tree oil and phytosphingosine to decrease inflammation, itching and redness.
  • Physician Partnered Products is a start-up that creates strategic partnerships with eye doctors and eye clinics to enable doctors to obtain research-based diagnostic and treatment technology, along with mentoring programs and support to optimize outcomes. The company’s initial launch will focus on meibomian gland dysfunction. Visit . OM

CORRECTION: OM incorrectly listed I-Pen under the “DED Diagnostic Products” sidebar in “DED Diagnosis Simplified” (p.22 , July 2019 issue). The device has not yet received clearance from the FDA.